Viral Modi: A Yoga Trainer and Dancer, Proving ‘Age is just a number

Viral Modi: A Yoga Trainer and Dancer, Proving ‘Age is just a number

In today's world where content creators are found in every corner of any street, it is hard to find those who really deserve people's important time and views. Content creators and influencers use different social media platforms to make their presence count and to connect with people.

Young generation is considered to be on these platforms comparatively more active but there is also a considerable amount of those talented creators whose age might be more but they look so young and are so adaptable and transformative that they walk hand-in-hand with today's generation. 

No matter who you are, where do you belong or what is your age, Talented content creators are appreciated and highly supported by the netizens. Viral Modi is one such name who has joined into the community of talented content creators. 

Belonging to Ahmedabad, Viral Modi is a renowned Content Creator and influencer on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiki, Josh, Rizzle, Moj and other platforms. 

Viral Modi is a well-known multi-talented Content Creator who does dancing, acting, comedy as well as baking. Viral started her journey on Tiktok which she continued on Instagram further, with an aim to flaunt her acting and dancing skills and to her surprise, netizens boosted her confidence by rewarding her with uncountable views. 

After her exponential growth on Instagram, she joined many other famous platforms and got connected with audience on many levels and also prioritised her dancing skills accordingly. 

Making videos of herself dancing and acting like a pro, Viral recognises herself as someone who gives her best in doing what she does. Making reels is her dreamy work where she get lost in the beauty of her work and enjoys herself the most. She works on every single reel of herself; she puts on different kind of clothes, she is capable of giving fascinating and real expressions, she dances with flow and so on. She shoots both indoors and outdoors as per her comfort and view demand, with full confidence.

Speaking of the inspiration behind her doing all this amazing work, Viral says that her audience is her inspiration. Viral says, “My followers and my audience is what keeps me going even in trying times when my mind doesn't function right to act. One postive comment from them, makes my day ten times better." 

Viral has got blue ticks on several platforms as well as grey tick on tiki platform. She likes to make dancing videos the most and also does comedy videos occasionally. With all her hard work and perspiration, she has earned thousands of followers and millions of views in such a small period of time which is indeed a great thing to achieve. 

Besides this, Viral is a USA qualified aerial yoga trainer and does impart her yoga secrets to everyone. Being 46, Viral is none less of any young woman with infinite energy and a positive aura around her. ‘Riki grandmaster qualified' Viral pours her whole heart in Creating and capturing herself in camera. Even in her mid-forties, Viral looks simply elegant and young, energized as well as vibrant and cheerful and that is why the audience likes her a lot. There will be no exaggeration to say that Viral is indeed a perfect example of the saying— “Age is just a number".