Imran khan's PTI will be 'ultimate loser' if talks on polls fail: PAK govt

Pakistan government has warned Imran Khan that PTI will face final defeat if talks on elections fail. Please tell that Imran Khan had demanded the dissolution of the National Assembly by May 14.

Imran khan's PTI will be 'ultimate loser' if talks on polls fail: PAK govt

Pakistan government warns Imran Khan

Pakistan's ruling coalition on Imran Khan's demand has warned the former prime minister that if the talks fail, his party will face defeat as elections could be delayed by a year.

Ahead of the third round of talks between the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)-led federal alliance and the PTI on Tuesday, the government told Imran Khan that he could not hold talks at gunpoint.

'Imran Khan cannot negotiate at gunpoint'

Dawn newspaper quoted PML-N general secretary and country's development minister Ahsan Iqbal as saying this. He said that we want to tell Imran Khan that he cannot negotiate at gunpoint.

The first condition of negotiation is that there shall be no pre-conditions. Imran Khan is so desperate that he wants his way.

The coalition government gave an ultimatum to Imran Khan

The report said on Monday that the federal coalition termed Imran Khan's ultimatum as impractical. Iqbal said- If the talks fail, PTI will suffer the most, because under the constitution there is a provision to postpone the elections for one year.

Imran Khan has warned of a law and order situation in the country and the elections will be delayed for another year.

The minister said- the people of Sindh and Balochistan cannot be punished for the stupidity of Imran Khan, who dissolved the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies to hold elections.

The minister said that apart from holding elections on the same day, Imran Khan's PTI would also have to agree on the poll code of conduct. Defense Minister Khawaja Asif asked what would be the outcome of talks with PTI as they are setting the conditions.