Who leaked America's confidential documents on Ukraine War and Why?

Leaking of secret documents of the US Ministry of Defense has created panic. All these documents are based on the Russia-Ukraine war. US officials say they will investigate how the classified documents became public.

Who leaked America's confidential documents on Ukraine War and Why?

A classified US Defense Ministry document on the Ukraine war is being shared on the Internet. This document includes maps, charts and photos. These documents mention the information about the soldiers killed in Russia and Ukraine and the strengths and weaknesses of both the countries. The documents that have been leaked are one and a half months old.

Ukraine may be harmed

Let us inform you that the war between Russia and Ukraine has completed 13 months. Events have changed rapidly during this time. Now Ukraine is preparing for a big attack against Russia at the beginning of summer, but before that the leaking of secret documents of the US Ministry of Defense can prove to be harmful for it. 

The leaked secret documents are real

Only the officials of the US Defense Ministry have said that these documents are genuine. The leaked documents detail when new Ukrainian army brigades will be ready and how many tanks, armored vehicles and artillery are being delivered to Ukraine. However, the availability of weapons is going to depend on training and preparation.

The US Defense Ministry is not trusting the secret documents

According to the secret documents, the US has accepted that between one lakh 89 thousand 500 and two lakh 23 thousand soldiers of Russia have either been killed or injured in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. However, the US Defense Ministry itself does not believe in it. He feels that both Russia and Ukraine are giving misleading information.

Documents leaked by gamers?

These secret documents have reached from messaging platforms Discord to Telegram. The exact source of these documents is yet to be known, but these documents have been circulating among gamers on the internet since March. Earlier, before the 2019 elections in Britain, some documents based on trade relations between the US and Britain were made viral on several messaging sites. However, at that time it was said that all these documents were shared with Russia.

Agencies involved in the investigation

On the leak of the secret documents of the US Defense Ministry, officials say that the national security agencies are investigating how these confidential documents became public. Investigators are also trying to ascertain which individual or group may have had the ability to release the classified document. Earlier, thousands of documents were leaked on WikiLeaks in 2013.

Will Ukraine lose the war with Russia?

According to the US secret document, Ukraine's defense air system is getting weaker. If he is not provided with weapons, he can lose the war with Russia. It has also been told in the report that by the end of April, the stockpile of missiles of Ukraine will end.