World Press Freedom Day 2024: How journalism started in India, know its interesting journey

World Press Freedom Day (World Press Freedom Day 2024) is celebrated every year on 3 May. This day is celebrated with the aim of making people aware of the importance of media and to honor the journalists who are facing many challenges to bring out the truth. Let us take this opportunity to tell you the story of the development of journalism in India.

World Press Freedom Day 2024: How journalism started in India, know its interesting journey

Every year on 3 May, World Press Freedom Day is celebrated. Let us tell you, this day is dedicated to the media which is considered the fourth pillar of democracy, which is also called Fourth Pillar of Democracy in English. This day is dedicated to those journalists and news organizations who are fighting for the truth despite facing many threats. Let us take this opportunity to tell you an interesting story of the development of journalism in India.

First Newspaper: The first newspaper Bengal Gazette was started in 1780. Let us tell you, this English newspaper was started by James Augustus Hickey, which was a weekly.

First newspaper in Indian language: Samvad Kaumudi, published in 1821, was the first daily newspaper in Bengali language as well as the first newspaper published in Indian language. It was started by Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Oldest newspaper: Bombay Samachar, started in 1822 by Fardunji Majban, is the oldest Asian newspaper. The special thing is that this is also continuing.

First Urdu newspaper: Jam-e-Jahannuma, started in 1822, is the first Urdu newspaper, which was started from Delhi itself.

First Hindi newspaper: Udant Martand, started in 1826, was the first Hindi newspaper of the country, which was started by Jugal Kishore Shukla.

First Marathi newspaper: Darpan newspaper was started by Bala Shastri Jamkar in 1832 and in 1840 he also brought out the monthly Digdarshan.

Journal of Commerce: 1838 The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce was started, which later became The Times of India.

The first Urdu-Hindi newspaper: Payam-e-Azadi, the first Urdu and Hindi newspaper, was started in 1857. Let us tell you, it has also been the first Urdu newspaper to raise the voice of India's independence.

Leaders like Gandhi also published newspapers

1881: Bal Gangadhar Tilak started publishing the Marathi newspaper Kesari.

1903: Gandhiji brought out Indian Opinion from South Africa for the weaker sections.

1909: Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya started a newspaper called The Leader.

1913: Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi started Pratap from Kanpur for the revolutionaries.

Radio and TV journey

Radio News Bulletin: The Indian Broadcasting Company broadcast the first radio news in 1927. All India Radio started news services in 1956.

First news broadcast on Doordarshan: 5-minute news bulletin started on Doordarshan in 1965. It was first telecast on Doordarshan in 1959.

Censor on press during Emergency: Emergency was imposed in the country in 1975. The press was censored.

First News Analysis Show: In 1988, Prannoy Roy started a news analysis program called World This Week on Doordarshan. This is believed to be the first show of its kind.

24-hour news channel: 1998 Star India launches Star News channel for the general elections, which was India's first 24-hour news channel (along with NDTV).