Know what SRK said to the Twitter user after he complaints over prices of Aryan's Khan clothing brand

Fan requested to reduce the price of D'YAVOl X brand clothes, Shahrukh Khan gave such a reply that she stopped speaking

Know what SRK said to the Twitter user after he complaints over prices of Aryan's Khan clothing brand

Apart from his performance, Shah Rukh Khan is also famous among King Khan fans for his wit. Recently, a fan asked the actor to reduce the price of D'YAVOl X, to which Shah Rukh replied in such a way that he stopped speaking.

Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan recently launched his own clothing brand called D'YAVOl X As soon as this brand of Aryan was announced, the fans became desperate to buy clothes here.

Aryan had given the introduction of his clothing brand through a brilliant advertisement, whose concept and direction is said to be the wonder of Aryan Khan, 

But as soon as the site of the clothing brand opened, the fans were surprised to see the price tags of the clothes. People have said about reducing the price. At the same time, Shah Rukh Khan has broken the silence in this matter.

Shah Rukh replied on the price tag

After Aryan's clothing brand's site went live, fans flocked to buy D'YAVOl X's clothes. But after seeing the cost of the clothes, his dreams were shattered. Recently, King Khan held an Ask SRK session, where once again he gave funny answers to the questions.

Sharrukh khan reacts on the cost of D'YAVOl X 

On Twitter, a user named Aditya Narayan Mishra told King Khan to sell some jackets for ₹1,000-2,000 the user also added that the clothes are so expensive that he will have to sell his house to buy them. 

In response to this, Shahrukh said, "They aren't selling it at cheap prices even to me. Let me do something" He completed this tweet with the hashtag of the film Jawan.

Fans had raised objection

Let us tell you that the site of D'YAVOl X was opened on 30 April. The price of any cloth here is not below 20,000. Some hoodies are in the range of 40 thousand, while some top is in the range of lakhs. Many fans objected that the price of the D'YAVOl X brand made it seem like it was not meant for the middle class.