Sleeplessness Causes: What are the reasons behind not being able to sleep at night?, tips and cure

Sleeplessness Causes Lack of sleep is a common problem in a busy and stressful life. Night sleep is very important for everyone so that the body gets time to repair itself. But what happens if there is no sleep.

Sleeplessness Causes: What are the reasons behind not being able to sleep at night?, tips and cure

Sleeplessness Causes: A good night's sleep is very important for health, because it makes life happy and free from diseases. In today's stressful life, good sleep is becoming a rarity. Actually, sleep is such a biological rhythm that refreshes the body, as well as provides energy for the next day's activities. It is generally believed that sleep is a passive process, but it is not. Sleep is a very active process. There is a lot of metabolism in the brain. 

Sleep is related to physical and mental health

It is clear from many studies that the chemicals that are released in our brain as a result of the day's activities, the bad part of them gets out of the body through small veins called lymphatic during sleeping. It goes out of the body through urine through kidney through blood circulation. That's why it is necessary that sleep is completed properly, because our mental and physical health rests on it. 

Nowadays, due to reasons like working methods and shift duty, sleep is disrupted. Second, there are also reasons like anxiety and depression. In anxiety, sleep does not come even after going to bed or it comes for a long time, whereas in depression, sleep comes in the beginning, but breaks in the middle. If sleep is not complete at night, doze off while working or driving or studying during the day. Poor mental health also leads to poor sleep. Those who do not sleep well, they have more mental diseases. It is bi-directional process. 

Cause of many diseases


Can't sleep in a problem like migraine. Lack of sleep means insomnia becomes the cause of many diseases. Sleep is also disrupted by the consumption of some medicines. If a heart patient has to stay awake for a long time in the night due to shortness of breath, then the person suffering from breathing problems also wakes up intermittently. Similarly, sleep problems are also seen in obese or alcoholics. 

Excessive sleepiness

This is called hypersomnia, in which sleep occurs all the time. Naps occur throughout the day even after getting a full night's sleep. There is also a genetic disease called narcolepsy. In this, the patient keeps getting bouts of sleep. Even while driving or talking I feel sleepy. 

Sleeping disturbance

This is called parasomnia, in which people do actions during sleep, such as shaking hands and legs, suddenly making loud noises and sitting in sleep. Sudden fear or gnashing of teeth while sleeping. They may have such problems in sleep, but they are perfectly fine during the day. Not getting enough sleep can lead to more problems later on.

Snoring problem

Some people snore while sleeping. His sleep breaks many times in the night, but he does not know. There is a test for this – polysomnography. Sleep is checked overnight by installing a machine in it. In this we see how the waves are coming out in the brain and how much oxygen is being produced in the body. Ignoring the problem of sleep increases the risk of diseases like blood pressure, heart disease. 

What to do for good sleep

Keep the lights of the room off while sleeping

There should be no TV, mobile or other gadgets around.

Sleep only wearing loose and comfortable clothes.

Sleep in a place where there is peace, there is no sound around.

Do not check mobile or watch WhatsApp or movie while sleeping. This disturbs sleep.

Sleeping cycle 

Set a time to sleep. Some days you are sleeping at 10 o'clock, and some days you are sleeping at 12 o'clock-one o'clock. This disturbs the sleep cycle.

The sleep cycle controls the brain. When it is irregular, the functionality of the brain will also be affected. 

Avoid sleeping Pills 

Medicines that cause sleep should be avoided.

By taking sleeping medicines, it becomes a habit.

Never take Alprax pill by your mind. Doctor's advice is necessary before taking any medicine. 

How many hours of sleep is necessary

Every person's sleeping hours are different. Six to eight hours of sleep is sufficient for an adult. With aging comes a natural reduction in sleep duration and poor quality of sleep. Along with aging comes problems like diabetes, prostate, due to which one has to get up several times in the night to urinate. Lack of iron in the body causes poor sleep in women. If there is a sudden decrease in the hours of sleep or if you start sleeping too much, then definitely consult a doctor.