Taiwan's defense cooperation with the US and Japan will continue - Taiwan Foreign Ministry

The Taipei Foreign Ministry has given its response after US President Joe Biden warned China on the Taiwan issue. The State Department says that it will continue defense cooperation with other countries, including the US, Japan.

Taiwan's defense cooperation with the US and Japan will continue - Taiwan Foreign Ministry

Taiwan will continue its defense cooperation with other countries including the US and Japan. This statement has been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan. In fact, today US President Joe Biden has warned China that if it attacks Taiwan, then be ready for its response from Washington.

Taiwan's foreign ministry says the government will continue defense and cooperation with other countries, including the US and Japan, to enhance the country's security. This statement of the State Department came after US President Joe Biden's statement of warning to China. Biden is currently in Japan to attend the quad meeting. Meanwhile, he has said that the US will intervene if Taiwan is attacked by China. When asked if you were referring to the military, this Biden said 'yes'.

Before the Quad Summit in Tokyo, Japan's capital, US President Joe Biden categorically replied that the US would help in protecting Taiwan from Chinese attack. Biden warned and said that China is playing with danger. "We are committed to supporting peace and stability in Taiwan," he said. America stands firmly with Japan and other countries.

Regarding China's attack on Taiwan, Biden said, "My assessment says that it will not happen, it will not be attempted." He said that if this happens, America will defend Taiwan with military help. Biden said, 'This is a commitment that we have made.' Under the 'One China Policy', the US considers Xi Jinping's government in Beijing to be the government of China. The US does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, the US maintains unofficial contacts with Taiwan. It also includes the 'embassy' in Taiwan. According to the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States is obliged to defend Taiwan. This is the reason why America supplies arms to Taiwan.