Is history repeating itself in the case of Prince Harry and his wife Megan?

When Lady Diana Spencer entered the royal family, the press response was overwhelmingly positive. The same thing happened with Megan as well. Howard says, "Diana initially got a lot of love. She was young. She was aristocratic and beautiful of Bala. Diana was very popular and it seemed like nothing could go wrong with her".

Is history repeating itself in the case of Prince Harry and his wife Megan?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently explained to Oprah Winfree in an exclusive interview why she left the royal family?

The British royal family, once thought to be the epitome of the modern monarchy, left the life of Chicabat and moved to the US as a setback for Buckingham Palace. But how did the situation reach here? After all, what was the reason for this?

Romance like fairy tales

At the end of 2016, this rumor was in full swing that Prince Harry is dating American actress Megan Merkel. Megan was by then recognized for her role in the TV drama 'Shoots'. These two were introduced by a common friend. Both got engaged within 18 months of this introduction.

After this, the media got mad about this couple. They were soon seen as a young couple that shook the British royal family. Merkel was glamorous. It was a vocal interracial couple. Both had great appeal among the youth.

Announcing their engagement, the prickly Prince had told the press how he had learned in a few days of meeting Megan that she was the girl he was looking for. And after this, when Prince Harry and Megan Merkel got married in May 2018, thousands of people stood in the streets and congratulated them.

In the UK, about one million 30 million people watched it on TV. For a while, it seemed that the couple had become a cherished part of the British public and the press.

What's in Oprah Winfree's interview?

As Harry and Megan's relationship deteriorated with the press, rumors of a quarrel in the royal family also started heating up.

When Prince Harry and Megan announced to be relieved of their royal responsibilities in January 2020, it was understood that the decision was taken without consultation from the royal palace. It was said that the officials of Raj Bhavan are 'disappointed' with this. And then the couple moved to California with their son Archie in February. The Queen later confirmed that he would no longer return to an executive role.

Much will be made of what will be said in this interview of Duke and Duchess. It is understood that Winfree will ask him how the press and Raj Bhavan treated him.

Some early clips released by CBS indicate that the firm - the royal family and its staff has been responsible for spreading lies about the couple. In another clip, Duke has mentioned similarities in the press treatment with his mother and wife, ie Megan. He said that the biggest concern is that history is repeating itself.

In an interview given about their 2017 engagement, Harry had said that he and Megan are capable of facing all sorts of things as a team. He expressed similar feelings while talking about his mother in an interview with Oprah Winfree.

He said, "I can't imagine what it would have been like for him (Diana) to have gone through such a process in those years. Because it has been so difficult for both of us. Still thankfully to face it At least we were together. "

Howard believes that this interview to be broadcast in America on Sunday and Britain on Monday will leave a long impression behind him.

"It will be a historic moment for the royal family as well. Obviously this family will not be happy on this."