The Journey from an Intern to Associate : Yash Pratap Singh

The Journey from an Intern to Associate : Yash Pratap Singh

How the Electric Mobility Revolution has fuelled my efforts to push zero-emissions initiatives among India's public transportation leaders - Mumbai

Just like the normal life I was living in Lucknow with my families where I will be spending good times with them where we all know the year 2020 was quite a heart breaking for everyone who lost their lovely ones in the pandemic. It’s a bad time for everyone in terms of their normal life, jobs, businesses and what not. I was also post-graduated in the lockdown academic years in Transport Planning and logistics management from School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal. After that I joined blue-collar industry a well-known Logistics (24 x 7 operations) which helps me in understanding the market-driven revolution in logistics, challenges and their opportunities in logistics space from macro to micro level. After working day and night from desk to ground with operations team, hub managers, freight operators with many more learnings and grooming which I get in my life. I decided to switch from operations to research as I am more inclined and feel fir for research and advisory. During that day I left my job without having any job in my hand and looking for opportunities around me, I have applied in WRI (World Resources Institute) India as an Intern for Electric Bus where I was not hoping a response that time as it was always my dream to get into a global level research organization. A two week after I received a mail from Aparna Vijaykumar – Manager (Electric Mobility) that can we talk at 3:30 pm? I said yes after getting a response from WRI India. She took my interview from 35-40 mins with all the past works and internships that I have done in academics, MNCs, centre of excellences and government departments. She was quite happy with my response on all the questions I have answered of her. She asked me when you can join. I said in next 2 days I will be happy to join the team of experts to learn more and getting a wonderful exposure.

I joined WRI India, then a month later of all the works that I have done and managed the webinars and responsibilities of communication part of my team. It gives me an immense pleasure of opportunity to work hard daily to learn more as much as you can from the experts around you. It was great moment when I met virtually Mr. Sanjay Bhatia – A pioneer professional of India (Ex-Tata Motors Ltd) having 35 years of experience currently working as a Senior Consultant, Aparna Vijaykumar (Government Engagement Champion), Shyamasis Das (Energy Utility and Mobility Expert), Kaustubh Gosavi (Consultant – Electric Mobility) and Anirudh Ray (Research Associate) which gives me an opportunity to work and learn from them during a recurring basis.

There was a moment when Mr. Pawan Mulukutla (Director – Clean Mobility and Energy Tech) invited the e-bus team to flying down to Mumbai – the city with leaders in electrification of public transport with 386 electric buses which leads the country with presence of diverse OEMs and Charging operators. I was still an intern that time but I was very excited to join the team for the depot visit to gauge insights and deep-dive into how the city has revolutionized with electric mobility initiatives, electrification targets, depot electrification etc. The first time my director and manager gave me this opportunity to bring that kind of potential and calibre to experience and led the city. I was interning with 25k / months and experiencing Mumbai with travel and accommodation is a little challenge for someone who have never been to Mumbai after 2017. I got to know after a week that WRI has booked flight tickets and 5 star hotel ‘The TRIDENT’ for all of us for the 2 day visit there. That time It was a wonderful experience for me to flying down to Mumbai and experiencing the first time of 5-start hotel in my life with all the necessary facilities and amenities provided to me which I will never forget in my life, WRI India who shaped me in term of personality development, market identity and government engagement.  I experienced my 2 day visit there with early morning breakfast to dinner with team. On the very first day I went to Colaba depot the first electrified depot with all existing 386 fleet of TATA motors where we get an insight from the experts about the depot and fleet electrification – procurement and deployment. 

The next day I went to Dharavi Depot where I experienced another OEMs buses of Olectra Greentch Mobility which serves the western suburbs of city. I cam late that day from my visit from Dharavi to Colaba where I was very hungry and looking to eat as what my pocket allows me that time. I went to streets of Colaba in night around 11:00 pm where I was exploring and looking for something special then someone said sir its already night and there is a takeaway option only no dining. I was upset a little that time, then someone told me sir you should try ‘BADEMIA’ which is quite famous. I just went to backstreet of Taj Hotel to BADEMIAs where I had dinner alone with a restraunt full pack with bachelors and traditional families of Mumbai. I experienced the best Mughlai food in Mumbai for the very first time. Then I went off to marine drive around 12:30 in night and then I was thinking how come this day will exist in my life too early which I have never thought of. Mumbai not only teaches me how to survive there but also Do what you like to do and experience what you have never thought of. It is just a life with full of learning, exposure, and moments which I have created this in Mumbai that I can never forget ever in my life.

Last but not least with the very buzy schedule and the congested network of Mumbai, I was about to leave my flight that time but thanks to my colleague Anirudh for always his support and kind nature to all in WRI India. What I am today all because of my director, manager and experts around me. I would like to thank all folks of e-bus team for believing in me and push me for every single work that I do for Mumbai from all my learnings and experience that I have gained as an Intern that time.

I would like to thank all my managers to whom I have worked with cross functional projects and therefore have influenced me to promote electric mobility initiatives in Indian cities.


Yash Pratap Singh is a Program Associate – Electric Mobility, Cities and Transport at WRI India.

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