Why do lips turn black, a look at those reasons

Why do lips turn black, a look at those reasons

What women are attracted to men often when women interact with each other. According to the answer to this question that comes out in their mutual discussion, according to the woman whose body is chubby and whose lips are pink, those women are the most favorite women of men. Pink thin lips are every girl's dream. They not only add to your beauty but are also a sign of good health. But sometimes some everyday things can break your dream of getting pink lips and make them dry and dark. Some women hide the blackness of their lips by applying lipstick, but what about those who do not like to apply lipstick? Or if you want to live in a natural look without applying lipstick, then how can this be possible. Why do lips turn black? Let's have a look at those reasons-

Dead skin

Due to the accumulated dead skin on the lips, sometimes wrinkles not only occur on the lips but also the skin of the lips gets spoiled. In such a situation, it is very important to remove dead skin regularly. For this, exfoliate the lips daily.


There are many medicines which can cause darkening of lips. These medicines include pain relief pills, antibiotics. In such a situation, the side effects of these medicines can make the lips black.

Sllergic to lipstick

The chemicals present in the lipstick can also cause allergies by making the lips black. Not only this, this type of allergy can also cause the problem of hyperpigmentation on the lips, due to which the lips can look dark. In such a situation, always buy a good brand of lipstick to apply on the lips.


Smoking not only harms the lungs, but this habit also darkens the color of the lips. Excess smoking can make the lips dark.

Insufficiency of water

Due to the lack of water in the body, there is a change in the color of the lips. Especially in winter, a person is not able to drink as much water as his body needs. In such a situation, most of the people face the problem of dark lips in winters.