Wife forced to see husband's death picture, got 250 crore damages

Star basketball player Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in 2020. He also had his 13-year-old daughter with him. Photos of the accident were revealed after the crash. Kobe Bryant's widow had filed a case regarding this. Now they have been compensated for the violation of privacy.

Wife forced to see husband's death picture, got 250 crore damages

America's star basketball player and celebrity Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in the year 2020. After the crash, his photos were shared by government agencies. After this, Kobe Bryant's wife sued for sharing the photo and demanded damages. The court ruled to pay damages of about Rs 250 crore to the widow. Now the first installment of about 130 crores has been given to Kobe's wife Vanessa Bryant.

During the crash, Kobe Bryant was accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter and 7 other passengers. After the death, photos of those killed in the accident were shared among the Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire Department staff. Vanessa had filed a case against the Los Angeles administration regarding this.

During the hearing that lasted 11 days, Vanessa Bryant cried that even a month after the death of her husband and daughter because of the photos, she was in so much pain as if they had died immediately. He also used to have panic attacks.

Vanessa Bryant said – Every day was scary for me because of being on social media. Those photos kept coming in front of me.

Vanessa Bryant's lawyer, Louis Lee, told the judges that the close-up photos were neither officially used nor intended to be used in the investigation. It was just used for gossip.

A 9-judge bench ruled in favor of Vanessa Bryant on this matter by one vote. The judges agreed that the photos violated Vanessa's privacy and that she went through emotional distress.

After the verdict, Vanessa Bryant shared a photo with husband and daughter on Instagram. He wrote - I love you! Justice for Kobe and Gigi!

Like Vanessa Bryant, Chris Chester also lost his wife and daughter in an accident. He got 120 crores in this case. Regarding the decision, Chester's lawyer Jerry Jackson said - We are thankful to the jury and the judge for giving them the opportunity of a fair trial.