Will Smith was slapped for 'best joke ever', Chris Rock on stand-up show

Will Smith slapped comedian and host Chris Rock in front of everyone at the 2022 Oscars. After which Will Smith was sacked from the Oscars for ten years.

Will Smith was slapped for 'best joke ever', Chris Rock on stand-up show
Will Smith & Chris Rock

Hollywood superstar Will Smith slapped comedian and host Chris Rock during the Oscars 2022 earlier this year.  In the middle of the Oscar award, Will slapped Chris Rock, after which he was sacked from the Oscar ceremony for 10 years.  However, Will Smith also apologized to Chris Rock for this.  And now Chris Rock has broken his silence on this, saying that Will Smith slapped him for the 'best joke ever'.

Was slapped for the best joke ever - Chris

 In fact, during a recent stand-up show, Chris Rock said that Will Smith slapped him for the best joke ever.  Let us tell you that Chris Rock made fun of Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett during the Oscar Award ceremony.  On this joke, Will slapped Chris in front of everyone on the stage itself.

Talking to the audience about the slap incident during his latest comedy show with Dave Chappelle in England, Chris Rock said, 'Did it hurt?  He beat me up for the joke unnecessarily, no…that was the best joke I have ever told.'

Will slapped Chris during the Oscar award ceremony

Let us tell you that during the Oscar Awards ceremony 2022 held in March this year, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after commenting on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head.  Jada, can't wait for GI Gen 2.  Chris Rock said this while referring to Demi Moore's 1997 film 'GI Jane' in which Demi's character Jordan O'Neill shaved his head after joining the Navy SEALs.  Jada revealed on a talk show a few years ago that she had decided to shave her head after being diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder.

Will Smith was banned from the Oscars award ceremony for 10 years after Chris Rock was slapped.  Will also shared a video on YouTube in July answering everyone's questions, including why he apologized to Chris Rock during his speech.

Several days after the incident, Will apologized to Chris Rock.

 For your information, let us tell you that Will Smith had also contacted Chris Rock to talk about that incident, but the actor claimed that Chris is not ready to meet him yet.  He apologized to Chris Rock and his family, including Chris's mother, Rose Rock, in the 5-minute clip.  Several days after the Oscars ceremony, he posted an Instagram apology to the public.