'Ban' on petrol and diesel vehicles in California, the world's first government to take a historic decision

The California state government has decided to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from 2035 to fight climate change. The US state believes that by 2035, sales of EV, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles will be up to 100 percent.

'Ban' on petrol and diesel vehicles in California, the world's first government to take a historic decision

In the US state of California, vehicles running on petrol and diesel are ready to be closed. The state government of California has decided to ban fuel-powered vehicles. The California government is the first government in the world to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. The ban imposed by the state government will come into effect from 2035. The government estimates that by 2035, the sale of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles in the state will be 100 percent. California has taken this historic step to deal with the challenges of climate change.

Unanimous decision

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), which oversees air-related matters in California, unanimously approved the Advanced Clean Car II plan. The objective of this plan is to compulsorily sell only electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from 2035.

"This is a historic moment for California, our allied states, and the world as we set our path towards a zero-emissions future," board chairman Liane Randolph said, according to Bloomberg.

Focus on EV-based infrastructure

Despite this decision of the California government, concerns regarding the rate and range of electric vehicles still remain. According to HT Auto things will change with the passage of time with the development of infrastructure. At the same time, with the help of promoting infrastructure, such vehicles will also get good facilities for charging. After this decision of California, other US states can also promote EV infrastructure.

Approval will have to be taken from the Biden administration

The California government is working on EV and clean energy mobility options faster than the US central government and other state governments. The California government may have unanimously approved a plan to ban petrol-diesel vehicles, but to implement it, the approval of US President Joe Biden must first be obtained.