Corona's Delta Variant is increasing problems in America, only 6 beds are vacant in a city with a population of more than 24 lakhs

US Coronavirus: Cases of coronavirus are coming out in large numbers in America. The reason behind which is being told to its delta variant. which is more contagious. In one city of America, even the beds in hospitals are short.

Corona's Delta Variant is increasing problems in America, only 6 beds are vacant in a city with a population of more than 24 lakhs

Texas Covid-19 Surge: In America, there is a big jump in the cases of infection due to the delta variant of the corona virus. How deteriorating the situation is, you can guess from the fact that only six ICU beds were empty on Monday in the hospitals of the city of Austin (US Austin City Coronavirus). Austin is located in the state of Texas, with a population of more than 2.4 million. A large number of cases of coronavirus are being reported in Austin, due to which the rate of admission of patients in hospitals has also increased.

It has been told in the health department data that the delta variant is the main reason behind such a situation. This variant was first detected in India. The situation in Austin is extremely 'serious'. It has only 313 ventilators and six ICU beds, while its population is more than 24 lakhs (Delta Variant in US). "The situation remains critical," said Dr. Desmar Volks, Austin's medical director at the state health authority.

Warning given to people

The Health Department has issued a warning of devastation from the Delta variant (US Coronavirus by State). The people of the city have been informed about this through email, text message and phone call. Dr Valkus says, 'Our hospitals are under a lot of pressure and due to the increasing number of cases, we can not do much to reduce their burden. Time is running out of our hands and now the community needs to do something. Due to the Corona crisis in Texas, many hospitals are facing dire situations as ICU beds are filling up in the hospitals here.

Hospitals issued statements

Earlier last week, Austin's Ascension Seton, Baylor Scott & White and St. David's Healthcare issued a joint statement saying that the rising cases of Kovid-19 have challenged hospital staff (US Coronavirus Latest News). According to the news agency AFP, the joint statement said, 'Due to the recently started increasing Kovid-19 infection, there has been a lot of pressure on our hospitals, emergency departments and doctors and due to the shortage of nursing, it is a challenge for the hospital staff. Presenting.' Let us tell you that there is also a shortage of nursing in the city of San Antonio, Texas.