Former Pakistan PM gets bail in all cases days after dramatic arrest

Today has been a day of relief for Imran Khan. The Islamabad High Court has granted bail to Imran Khan for two weeks in the Al-Qadir Trust case. Earlier today, Imran got relief in the Toshakhana case.

Former Pakistan PM gets bail in all cases days after dramatic arrest

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, who was arrested on charges of corruption, has got relief in the Toshakhana case. The Islamabad High Court has issued a stay order on the indictment. 

On the other hand, Imran has also got relief in the Al-Qadir Trust case. Islamabad High Court has granted bail to Imran Khan for 2 weeks.

Judge had left the courtroom

Earlier, as soon as the hearing started in the High Court, there was an uproar. During the hearing, Imran's pro-lawyers created ruckus in the courtroom with Imran's slogans, due to which the judge left the room.

Let us inform you that the Supreme Court called his arrest illegal on the previous day and ordered his immediate release. Along with this, he was ordered to appear in the High Court.

Imran appeals for peace

Last evening, Imran appealed to his supporters for peace, claiming that he was beaten with sticks in custody. He said that such behavior is not acceptable even with a criminal.

Imran said – I was considered a terrorist

The former PM said that 145 cases have been registered against him and he was arrested like a terrorist. At the same time, a three-member bench of Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Atar Minallah, while hearing the petition filed against his arrest from the Islamabad High Court premises on Tuesday, said that this action on him was illegal.

Let us inform that the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party Imran Khan was arrested by the paramilitary forces from the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday. The bench had directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to produce Imran by 4.30 pm local time. Khan was brought to the court under tight security.

bench expressed displeasureThe bench, while hearing the plea of ​​Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman against his arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case, also expressed deep displeasure over the manner in which he was arrested by the Pak Rangers and ordered the authorities to produce him before it. 

As soon as Imran entered the courtroom, the doors of the court were closed and the bench started the hearing. Chief Justice Bandial told Imran, 'It was good to see you. We believe that your arrest is illegal. The Islamabad High Court should hear the matter on Friday and whatever decision it gives, you will have to accept it.

Maryam said, Chief Justice should join PTI

Pakistan's ruling party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) became an attacker on the Chief Justice regarding the release of Imran.

Party's chief convenor Maryam Nawaz said that the Supreme Court had let go of those who looted the treasury. A criminal has been released. If the Supreme Court gives relief then who will save the country?

He said that Chief Justice Bandial should resign from the post and join Imran Khan's party PTI. Maryam said that Imran Khan has to answer in the corruption case.

When the police had gone to Lahore with the warrant, the policemen were beheaded in Lahore. If Imran had been punished then, the country would not have been burning today.