Ghulam Kashmir's minister claims, said - terrorists took hostage! No police report filed

A minister in Pakistan has claimed that he and some tourists were taken hostage by terrorists on their way to Gilgit Baltistan. However, the minister or any other person has not filed any report regarding this with the police.

Ghulam Kashmir's minister claims, said - terrorists took hostage! No police report filed
Ghulam Kashmir's minister claims, said - terrorists took hostage! No police report filed, image source: jagran

The whole world sees Pakistan as a terrorist factory or terrorist hub. Pakistan has made this identity of its own. Not only this, terrorists prepared in the factories of Pakistan are also seen carrying out terrorist incidents in other countries including Afghanistan, India. The government here spends crores of rupees every year on terrorists. The masters of these terrorists also get VVIP treatment while living inside and outside the government. On the other hand, Pakistan does not tire of saying that it itself has been killed by terrorist incidents. 

Minister's claim

Recently, a strange incident came to light in Ghulam Kashmir located in Pakistan when a minister of Gilgit Baltistan and some tourists were allegedly held hostage by terrorists for hours. Allegedly because no one has reported the whole matter to the police nor has anyone confirmed the incident so far. It has been said in the Pakistan media that the officials and leaders are trying to reach a conclusion by negotiating with the terrorists. 

Terrorists have 4 demands

Gilgit Baltistan was quoted in the Pakistani media as saying that while releasing him, Habibur Rahman, one of the country's top most terrorists, also placed his 4 demands before the central government. The terrorist said that Islamic law should be implemented in the country and sports of girls should be banned. Another demand of Habirbur was that his terrorists, who were arrested by the police in connection with the murder of ten foreigners at Nanga Parbat, be released. Apart from this, the terrorists who carried out the Diemer incident should also be released.

Closed road by both sides

According to the Pakistani media, this incident took place on Babusar Road near Chila when senior Gilgit Baltistan Minister Obaidullah Baig was on his way from Islamabad to Gilgit Baltistan. At that time the terrorists blocked the road from both the sides. During this, he also took some tourists hostage. The terrorists released everyone around 4 pm. Later, the minister shared an audio clip of the terrorists on social media in which the terrorists had put forward their demands. Looking at the way things have come out in this whole incident, it is becoming very difficult to say whether any such incident had happened or it is only the product of the minister's own mind. This is also because the relationship between terrorists and ministers in Pakistan is very special.