Know More About India’s Best PR Company - Ancient Media Technologies

Know More About India’s Best PR Company - Ancient Media Technologies

With its high level of client satisfaction and global exposure Ancient Media Technologies is one of India’s leading PR & Digital Media Company. The company recently updated its website to focus on offering creative and Most Effective PR Campaigns to target the Right Audience. The services help with the development of many Public Figures, Entrepreneurs, Brands Etc from the ground up. Ancient Media Technologies guarantees the Best quality services to its clients.

Ancient Media Technologies is the result of Dr. Jatin Chonkar & His Team’s astute business sense, Efforts, passion and perseverance. AMT, is an unique digital Media Company that provides all sorts of digital services and has emerged as India’s Best PR Company. This Media Company has managed to carve a name for itself in the Industry. 

Known for its excellence in internet Marketing across brand awareness, lead generation, and online sales, Public Relations Ancient Media Technologies has put many brands and businesses on the right track to success through its wisely crafted digital marketing campaigns. In today’s digital age, PR content is an absolute necessity and it is crucial to employ the correct tools to ensure that you are doing the PR the right way. 

Ancient Media Technologies has More than 20 Team Members as of September 2022 and plan to make it Number reach Atleast 100 by the Year end. Talking About the core team The CEO Dr Jatin Chonkar Holds wide Expertise in the Digital Domain & is Awarded an Honarary Doctorate in The field of Entrepreneurship. COO - Krutika Dalvi is one the favorite Media Expert Amongst Creators and influencers. Know for Social Media Tips CMO Pritam Manna’s Advice can Help the Brand to Scale from A - Z. The Company has the Best team of experts which has enabled them to establish themselves as the industry leader and acquire a market share in a highly competitive market. The media publications under Ancient Media Technologies help them to reach a wider audience and better penetrate the market.

Since digital PR is gaining more attention in comparison to its traditional counterpart and also there are a lot of digital agencies in the market, it is important to select a PR agency that works ethically and gives the customers the kind of support that they need. Ancient media Technologies is a PR company that does exactly the same.

They are one of the Best Solution for increasing your Brand Value on Internet. Nowadays press release campaigns are as important as social media management or influencer marketing. It's the press releases of a company that makes a clear and official statement about its products or services thus making the people or audience aware of correct information. Understanding the requirements of the fast-evolving industry, the team of Ancient Media Technologies has come up with a very modern, fast, efficient, and budget-friendly approach to provide PR-related solutions to leading and growing businesses.

You can Connect With The Core Team 

CEO & MD - Dr Jatin Chonkar

COO & Media Expert - Krutika Dalvi

CMO - Pritam Manna