Olesya Leuenberger's Mrs. World 2022 Journey: An Inside Look

Olesya Leuenberger's Mrs. World 2022 Journey: An Inside Look

Olesya Leuenberger is a model, businesswoman, and adventure junkie who is always seeking moments of awe. Leuenberger, who began her modeling journey at the age of 15, holds the titles of Miss Europe Continental Switzerland 2022 and Mrs. Switzerland 2022. She recently represented Switzerland at Mrs. World 2022 and shared her experience with us about one of the world's most popular beauty pageants.


Olesya Leuenberger recently had the honor of representing Switzerland at Mrs World 2022, an international beauty pageant for married women. According to Leuenberger, the experience was unforgettable and brought her closer to the other 57 delegates from around the world.


Leuenberger noted that the camaraderie among the delegates was unlike any she had experienced before, with all the women being friendly and supportive of one another. It almost felt like they were working on a shared project, rather than competing against each other. This positive atmosphere was a refreshing change from the often cutthroat nature of beauty pageants.


One highlight of the week was a dinner at Elvis Presley's suite at the Westgate hotel, where Leuenberger had the opportunity to perform on the same stage as the legendary musician. She called it a "lifetime experience" and noted that the energy of Presley's personality and talent still lingers in the room.


Leuenberger also learned the value of the experiences leading up to the final show, noting that the rehearsals and time spent together were just as important as the outcome of the competition. She and the other delegates were all proud to have been chosen from around the world to represent their nations on the iconic stage.


Overall, Leuenberger's experience at Mrs World 2022 was a positive one that left a lasting impression on her. She learned the importance of camaraderie and the value of the journey, rather than just the destination. It's clear that the pageant was a rewarding and enriching experience for her, and one that she will never forget. she is grateful to everyone who has supported on this journey. “I would like to thank my supporting Valmont Cosmetics (https://www.lamaisonvalmont.com/ch/en/) for helping me with the Mrs World journey commitments.” Said Olesya Leuenberger.