Ram Govind das commitment to transgenders

A young Hindu monk of India traditionally follows his Hindu customs but is likely to work in different ways for the special people of society.

Ram Govind das commitment to transgenders

Swami Ram Govind das is a head of the spiritual organisation called Hari Sharranam Jun from Haldwani, Uttarakhand who is working eminently for years to provide services for a backward class of socvery. He says now my next move is to organise a congregation for the transgenders from the country to make them feel special. Swami Ramgovind das says there are 4.3 million transgenders living in India, suffering from many basic facilities in which lack of education is the main reason.

He wishes to support them in education by providing them with a better understanding of local communities. Ram Govind das said transgender people from around the globe continue to inspire us with their thoughts and worldviews, creating a more compassionate community for everyone to be a part of. In India, the situation of transgenders is not good as they require additional social status in the mainstream of society.

Swami Ram Govind das has preached religion by reaching many countries

Ramgovind Das is a well-known speaker, narrator and writer. Along with this, he is also a wise knower of astrology. His works focused on several social issues, including untouchability, casteism and gender discrimination. He is also well-known for his devotion towards the welfare of the poor and downtrodden especially the people of Valmiki communities.

Swami Ram Govind Das became involved in various charitable activities and undertook numerous projects for the upliftment of the poor highlighted by marries of the 111 poor girls in a great congregation in Haldwani.

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