Pixie & Pexels – A blooming family

Pixie & Pexels – A blooming family

“And success knocks on your door if the door is actually built”

Pixie and Pexels is one of India's fastest-growing publication houses. Started by two teenage girls Khushi Sharma and Urooj Fatima with their best friends Aashi Toor and Anmolprit the publication is just 3 months old and they currently have 70+ ongoing projects and 3+ processing solo books. They do not believe in the concept of WORK TO EARN but believe in the concept of PUBLISHING DREAMS. The publication in itself is a small family with amazing, hardworking, and selfless people. As of now, the publication has 6 communities providing a platform for all kinds of talent. They include writing, singing, dancing, photography, art, and special challenges communities. Also, live events, workshops, and open mics are conducted every now and then. Collaboration with NGOs is done too so as to support for the good cause.

The four teenage girls had this aim in their minds to be the change and altogether they succeeded.

About the Core Team:-

Khushi Sharma (Founder) – Khushi is a 17 y/o teenager who aims to reach heights. She is an entrepreneur, a social worker, a publisher, an affiliate marketer, writer, compiler and poet. She has also been a multi time national record and award holder.

Contact her via email/Instagram – khushisharma1420@gmail.com  / @poetically_poetic


Urooj Fatima (Managing Director) – Urooj is a 19 y/o medical aspirant. She is the managing director of Pixie&Pexels and The Metanoiah(NGO). She is also working as an affiliate marketer and has won multiple national awards and records.

Contact her via email/Instagram – writersbae8@gmail.com  / @writersbae


Aashi Toor (Project Lead Manager) – Aashi is a social worker belonging from the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. She is the CEO of The Metanoiah and Mission Hope which are both social initiatives aimed to make this world a better place to live in. She is also a writer, poet and compiler and has won National Awards.

Contact her via email/Instagram – manasvi.toor@gmail.com  / @aashitoor


Anmolprit (Project Lead Manager) – Anmol is a social worker with the heart of an artist and designer. She is the Verticals Lead in The Metanoiah and is the Manager of Mission Hope. She is currently pursuing Psychology. She is also a passionate writer and has experience in multiple extra circular activities.

Contact her via email/Instagram – kauranmolprit@gmail.com  / @the_silent_observer_._


The pillars behind this huge growth within a short span of time are not only the founders but the main team.

They include -

Tanya Husain – the cutest smile of the team

Gauri Phape- the most dedicated member

Nabiha Haroon- the talented host

Priyanshi Babani- the most selfless family member

Khushbu Sharma- the motivation dose for core team

Pari Kankaria- the stock of creativity

Juliet Hudait- the best speaker

Palak Singh- the best compiler

Yukti Gupta- the sweetest soul of the team

Amrita- the social media queen

Mitra Shah- think tank of the team

Sneha Roy- the most supporting team member

Kajal Chaudhary- the dearest poet of P&P

Snehal Shivarkar- the beloved doctor of the team

Kavita Chowdry- the best host of P&P

SrushtiBadiger- the artist of the team

Sree Durga- the budding entrepreneur of the team

Lakshmi Das- the most beautiful designer

Sweekrati Giri- the queen of monitoring department

Archita Mahajan-the sweet and hardworking team mate with a beautiful smile

Rovin Mulavana Praveen Thomas- the most active and supporting soul of P&P

Amaan Ahmad-the friendliest and kindest friend of the team

ShubhanginiSreya- the melodious voice of P&P

Bhavya Agarwal- the most enthusiastic soul of the team

It is the hard work of these people that everything is working smoothly and they are not just teammates but a family.