Sheezan Mohammad Khan's sisters statement in Tunisha Sharma case, said- our silence is weakness

Tunisha Sharma Death Updates A new update has come in Tunisha Sharma case. Now the sisters of Sheezan Mohammad Khan have issued a statement defending their brother. At the same time, he has also reprimanded many people for giving religious color to the matter.

Sheezan Mohammad Khan's sisters statement in Tunisha Sharma case, said- our silence is weakness

Tunisha Sharma Death Updates: Now Shafaq Naz and Falak Naz, sister of Sheejan Mohammad Khan, have issued a joint statement in Tunisha Sharma case. Meanwhile, the court has sent Sheejan Mohammad Khan to judicial custody for 14 days. He has been arrested on December 25 in the Tunisha Sharma death case. Now his sisters have given a joint statement on Instagram.

Sheezan Mohammad Khan was also Tunisha Sharma's boyfriend

Sheejan was also Tunisha's boyfriend. He has been arrested for abetment to suicide. Reacting to the allegations, Shafaq Naaz and Falak Naaz have said, 'Our silence was taken as our weakness. It broke our hearts to see this. This is probably called Ghor Kalyug. Media portals are not doing research before reporting. Where is the commonsense of many people? Many people are degrading Sheejan. They should ask themselves what are you doing? Are they spreading hatred against any religion? Are you not affected by any previous event? Such people should wake up.

'Sheezan Mohammad Khan is being deliberately implicated'

Both the sisters have expressed their gratitude to those who are standing by them and saying that Sheejan is being deliberately framed. The statement further said that God bless Tunisha. She'll be in a good place. Significantly, Tunisha Sharma was found dead on the sets of Alibaba Dastane Qubool on 24 December. She committed suicide by hanging herself in the make-up room of her boyfriend and co-actor Sheezan Mohammad Khan. 

Argument with boyfriend before suicide

Earlier, the police had issued a statement saying that Tunisha Sharma had an argument with her boyfriend before her death. Whose CCTV footage has been recovered. Tunisha's mother Vanita Sharma has made several allegations against Sheejan. He has said, 'Sheejan took the daughter from her room but did not call an ambulance. It could be a murder. She arrived as Sheejan? How Sheejan let him down. He didn't call an ambulance or a doctor? Sheejan also used to force her to wear hijab.