Weather Update: Heat wave likely in UP-Rajasthan, temperature may increase in Delhi; There will be heavy rain alert in these states

Weather Update According to the Meteorological Department, there is heavy rain in many states due to monsoon. Pre-monsoon is also being seen at some places. Talking about North India, the mercury will rise again in most of the states from today.

Weather Update: Heat wave likely in UP-Rajasthan, temperature may increase in Delhi; There will be heavy rain alert in these states

Pre-monsoon rains are continuing in many states of the country, while in some states, the possibility of re-creation of heat wave conditions has started. With the end of the storm and rain in the capital Delhi, the heat in Delhi has started increasing once again. In some places, the temperature has reached above 44 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will remain more or less like this for the whole week. The maximum temperature on Thursday was 42.0 degrees Celsius, a notch above normal. The minimum temperature was 26.6 degrees Celsius, a notch below normal.

On the other hand, if we talk about the weather system formed across the country, then a cyclonic circulation is over Southeast Uttar Pradesh and the surrounding area. The maximum temperature will remain above 40 degrees in most parts of North India and the maximum temperature may go up to 44 and 45 degrees in some of these areas. Also, heat wave is possible in isolated parts of Rajasthan, South, West Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Heavy rain warning in these states

According to the Skymet Weather report, light to moderate rain with isolated heavy spells is possible over Sikkim, parts of North East India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep during the next 24 hours. Apart from this, light to moderate rain with isolated heavy rain is likely over Rayalaseema and one or two parts of South Karnataka and Kerala. While Coastal Karnataka, Interior Tamil Nadu, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir may receive light to moderate rains.

The heat started increasing in Delhi as soon as the rain stopped, the mercury crossed 44 degrees again

Talking about the national capital Delhi, the weather was cold due to pre-monsoon rains for the last few days, but now there is no chance of rain. In such a situation, the temperature is increasing rapidly in many areas of Delhi. Dry weather has now replaced the rain in Delhi. Due to this, the people of Delhi may have to face the problem of rising temperature in the coming days. According to the report of Skymet Weather, a rise in temperature can be seen. There is a possibility of very strong winds around Delhi and NCR region around June 4, due to which the maximum temperature may increase further. The Meteorological Department has forecast that partly cloudy weather can be seen on Friday. There is a chance of light rain in the evening. The maximum temperature can be 42 and the minimum temperature can remain up to 26 degrees.

Western Disturbance is going away

According to Skymet, the Western Disturbance which was over the mountains is now getting away. As a result, there was rain in the foothills and parts of Delhi-NCR as well. The activity on the foothills will also disappear after the next 24 hours. Temperatures are expected to rise gradually, as the skies will remain clear and the sun will be strong.