World TB Day: People with weak immunity are more victims of this disease, victims should take these precautions

India's TB report 2020 states that it has killed 4.4 lakh people in 2019, but now the good thing is that the present government has ensured the goal of controlling TB in India by 2025, in which the WHO is helping India .

World TB Day: People with weak immunity are more victims of this disease, victims should take these precautions

TB is one of the major causes of death in the world. TB is a bacterial disease. The name of the bacteria that spreads it is 'Mycobacterium tuberculosis' TB, especially in the lungs, which is called pulmonary TB, but if it affects other parts of the body, it is called extra pulmonary TB. Extra pulmonary TB can occur in the brain, uterus, mouth, liver, kidneys or bone. TB bacteria are present in droplets from the mouth or nose of an infected person during coughing or sneezing and infect another person through the air. TB cannot spread from one person to another organs other than the lungs.

TB bacteria destroys the tissue in the part of the body and the functioning of that organ is affected. This can have an effect on the lungs of a healthy person in contact with a TB patient. But TB disease is not spread by touching or joining hands with a person infected with TB. When a person's immune system becomes weak then the chances of getting TB disease increases. Its infection can spread rapidly in people living in a small place. Since this disease causes decay of the whole body, in Hindi it is also known as Tuberculosis.

High risk in children

If children get TB, it is very fatal, so the child is given the BCG vaccine as soon as it is born.

If a child has TB, TB can spread throughout his body.

If the brain is affected, then the condition is called meningitis.

TB patients pay attention

- While coughing a TB patient should cover the mouth with hands, clothes or anything else.

- Gathering of mucus throughout the day, should be buried or burnt in the evening or at night, thus it can be prevented from spreading.

Arrangement should be made for curing the TB patient and keeping it in a clean environment.

Along with the treatment, the TB patient should also pay attention to exercise and eating good healthy food.

- At least 2 times a day for 45 minutes to exercise brisk walking and running, exercising increases the lung capacity (lung capacity) and helps the patient to fight against TB disease.

- Proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat-rich food and green vegetables should be consumed in maximum quantity in good food.