Sai Abhinay Chepuri ~ Young Entrepreneur

Sai Abhinay Chepuri was born in Sircilla, in Telangana state, India and brought up in Hyderabad. His Father Chepuri BalaRaju , Mother chepuri Jyothi ,Brother Chepuri sai Abhiteja . He grew up in Hyderabad.

Sai Abhinay Chepuri ~ Young Entrepreneur
Sai Abhinay Chepuri | Spectrum India

We are living in a world where everyone is busy earning a livelihood and becoming successful. Everyone is racing to achieve the highest and become the wealthiest person. But there are only a few people in this life who knows the true meaning of success. The goal of a truly successful person is not to earn a luxurious living rather a great success is the one that results in the prosperity of others as well. But it is sad to know that people in today’s world are too selfish and they think of themselves only. Amid this ruthless world, there too exist some soft heart people who think of others before themselves. One such highly successful entrepreneur and merciful person are MR. Sai Abhinay Chepuri.

Sai is a young entrepreneur of 20 years who gained a lot of success due to his enormous talents. He was born in the small town of Karimnagar and currently he is a final year student of B. Tech in Lovely Professional University. From his childhood only he was devoted to establishing his own company but he also has an aim to do something for society. With this motive of life, he started his journey of entrepreneurship. Although he faces a lot of failures soon he becomes one of the youngest and the most successful entrepreneur. In 2017, when he was a schoolboy he becomes the owner of his start-up, Make It Memorable (MIM). That is one of the biggest achievements of Sai and soon he founded another start-up Enviropromise. But he didn’t restrict himself to this only and he started working towards his passion of helping others.

Sai works to help those youngsters who are talented but not much educated. He helps them to get recruited to jobs according to their talents. He aims to provide opportunities to less-resourced people so that their talents do not get wasted. After starting his first startup he helped more than 70 people in getting jobs to earn a livelihood. Currently, he is engaged in helping talented photographers and videographers to get highly paid jobs. His future endeavor is to help many such talented electricians, mechanics, masons, and many from various fields to get good paid jobs. In the beginning, he didn’t charge any fee from these people but to wider his scale of helping these youngsters he started charging a nominal fee.

Sai’s second start-up Enviropromise is working towards strengthening the agricultural sector by helping farmers in supplying organic crops. His start-up is also working to make a system in which farmers can easily convert waste into bio-diesel and bio-petrol so that there will be less financial stress on farmers and it will be environment friendly too. For accomplishing this goal he collaborated with T-Hub and Venture Capitalists for getting financial investments.

With all this good work he earns not success but also a lot of respect and love in the heart of millions of people. He was also felicitated with enormous awards such as ‘Emerging Entrepreneur Award 2019’, ‘Young Entrepreneur Award 2020’, ‘Creative Entrepreneur Award 2020’, and many more. Whenever Sai was questioned about the reasons for his success he never missed considering his University, Lovely Professional University for always helping him while accomplishing his dream. He also assisted bright-minded people with the help of his university’s Student Entrepreneurship Cell that provides a varied number of opportunities for starting their businesses.

Sai, with all these achievements, has proven to the world that nothing is impossible if we have the desire and true dedication towards our goals. He is the biggest inspiration for young entrepreneurs who wanted to become successful in their life. He becomes successful not only because of his hard work but also because of his soft heart towards others. His kind heart and good deeds help many youngsters to get highly paid jobs so that their talents will not get wasted. He motivates millions of people with his work. His determination, dedication, and constant thrust for achieving something the highest in life become reasons for his successful life. He plans to help many more such youngsters and to more elaborate on his helping circle. We wish him a lot of success in his future endeavors