"Successfully living in a peaceful state of mind", ~ Bhavya Jain on her biggest achievement.

Bhavya Jain is a marketing professional and writer and has been a compiler of crowd-sourced anthologies - Mandala Poesy, A Clean Slate, and Men Speak for menses. She has won the National record for her book - Mandala Poesy.

"Successfully living in a peaceful state of mind", ~ Bhavya Jain on her biggest achievement.
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Bhavya Jain is a marketing professional and now a writer and compiler. She started her journey in the year 2019 when she got her first break in a global anthology by tripod stories as a co-author. Today she is counted as an emerging face in the anthologies market in India. In India, crowd-sourced anthologies are not much taken into consideration by readers. Most Indian readers are much more inclined towards novels than anthologies. As Bhavya says, “Anthology, probably only few might know what the content is. A very few set of people understand the role of a compiler.”

After her break, she contributed her writings to different anthology projects but what was lacking behind for her was the viewership for her content. Since then, she decided to work much more towards the anthologies market. During the lockdown, while she was working full-time, she decided to spare some time towards writing and started with an anthology as a compiler. With the anthology - A Clean Slate she started as a compiler and inculcated 47 writers’ work in her book. After that, she even initiated a project with writer Vikas Soni; Men Speak for menses where she brought male writers’ unique work on the topic of menstruation. Her third book was yet another masterpiece of a unique compilation of mandala artwork with her poetries for which she received a national record.

Her success is a vitrine for many debutant writers who want to be a part of publishing work. Bhavya talks with us and shares what’s the manta for her writing. Bhavya says,” I follow only one formula – What resonates make it write because when it’s from you, it will be for all. When your work can connect with people, it automatically starts resonating.”

Recently, with the Economic Times initiative – “Our Moments of truth”, Bhavya shared her experience of how even she overcame depression and how writing helped her to focus more. Bhavya shares her thought with us regarding this phase, stating how she learned the mantra of being successful with her passion. She says,” Today, I am successfully leading a peaceful life and that should be one's priority. The way we are rushing, we are just forgetting about ourselves. The most important factor to take any decision in life is a conflict-free mind. If you can calm your nerves, you will be able to see a clearer picture of your present and future. The more we learn about the values of life, the more we can concentrate on our work.”

Bhavya states that her parents have always supported her work. Also, she says, that her parents have never forced her to do something in particular. All they have laid a path for her to live a life. She states, “I can take a call for my life because that liberty has been given by my parents. When you get that kind of support, you are sure what you have to do.”

She says,” Among a plethora of authors, I am glad that I am a successful compiler. It gives me pleasure when I can give a platform to budding writers in my projects.” For her readers Bhavya share this message,” Life is quite fickle, so enjoy and live every moment. Spend time with your family and friends and create memories. Things will happen as they have been destined; all you can do is your effort. So keep doing that, you will spontaneously even find your path.”