Animal Movie Review: A Justification for Culprit, Ranbir Kapoor played one of the vilest protagonists in cinema history

Animal Movie Review: A Justification for Culprit, Ranbir Kapoor played one of the vilest protagonists in cinema history

Cinema is a art that affects millions of people around the globe and shows a particular idea. The record breaking box-office Movie Animal (2023) shows the violence and the disrespectful behaviour towards women. After the release of the movie there are two groups of people one who is in support of movie and saying "It Just A Movie" enjoy and forget, they are praising the action and violence scenes In the Movie no doubt that the action scene in the movie is good but Presentation is wrong. 

Cheating your partner, slapping her, insulting her from where this actions can be approved right. This type of movie is just promoting the violence in youths. 
In on of the Interview 'Kangana Ranaut' said "its not wrong to show dark cinema or the reality but also show the consequences, when we show these kinds of characters in movies then people get justification for their behaviour cause they think our Heroes is also doing this" 

The anticipation was sky-high, fueled by the intriguing trailer that promised a powerful Father and Son bond but in movie son kills the people to gain attention of his father. If we'll show this kind of stuffs on big screen then just imagine the impact on youths not only youths but the teens who don't know the difference between right and wrong. Cinema is very Impactful tool which affects millions of people. In one of the Interview 'Amir Khan' said "when the director is not creativity talented in creating a story, showing an emotions, in creating situations, they depend heavily on violence and sex to make their film work". 

There is scene in movie when Ranbir Kapoor's character is High School Student who is pointing a gun on college students because they tease/ harassed his sister. So according to movie they should not complain in police the only way is to handle this situation or to teach them lesson is pointing gun, now just imagine a teen watching this so he'll may think that to protect my sister i have to kill those boys who will misbehave with my sister. This Action is not justified in any ways. 

In last as audience we are responsible thay this type of movie is releasing in cinema, we should stop watching this type of movies which promotes violence. If we'll stop watching then directors will not create this types of movie.