Ayurvedic Tips make summers cool this time!

The season of joy and fun is here, summers are here!!!

Ayurvedic Tips make summers cool this time!

Summers, commonly known as Grishma Ritu in Ayurveda is the season filled with fun and bright sun. Summer with its arrival (uttarayan kala) not only brings beach feel but also takes control over our health with its harsh heat & humidity. Elaborating more on this Dr. Nitika Kohli explains with some ayurvedic tips on how to keep cool in summer season.

Summers beings the season of Pitta dosh dominant tend to be very fiery in nature.

So, even though the season begins in mid-May to mid-July, it is in the best interest of everyone to start protecting and preparing their body to face the heat in advance. Let’s look at what Ayurveda recommends to keep yourself cool this summer!

What TO Eat to Keep Yourself Cool in Summer?

  • Load up on water-rich fruits like pears, plums, watermelons, prunes, berries, apples.
  • Add Cucumber, kale, fenugreek, rice, lentils, dill, churned curd, Brussels sprouts in everyday diet.
  • Drink beverage with natural sugar- prefer buttermilk in afternoon meals

What NOT to Eat to Keep Yourself Cool in Summer?

  • Avoid citrus fruits that aggravate pitta dosha i.e grapefruit
  • Minimize salt intake in every meal
  • Reduce intake of ginger, garlic, chilles & spicy seasoning
  • The food that makes mouth pucker or are fermented like sour crème, pickles needed to avoided
  • Non-vegetarian diet should be avoided.

Lifestyle Changes to Adopt

Small changes including day sleeping, early morning walk, wearing light dresses, adorning with flowers, enjoying cooled moon rays, applying aromatic pastes over the body can help you stay cool in summer.


 Here are some of the most effective and easy to adopt ones.

  • Take meals on time-
    Taking meals at fixed times is a good way to keep pitta dosha balanced in summers. So, never skip lunch, your digestive fire is at its highest at that time.
  • Add natural coolers-
    Coolers in summers are the best to go with drinks as consuming natural coolers like khas water, rose water, sattu drink effectively cools down the aggravated pitta dosha & also adds strength to the overall digestive system. So this summers get your hands off from those fermented beverages & adds these hydrating drinks
  • Make use of oils-

Jasmine rose or sandalwood oils can calm the nervous system. Apply a few drops to the navel or forehead, it will help in cooling down and lightening the mental load. Besides, it is also beneficial to apply 5-6 ounces of coconut oil to the body before bathing in the morning.


  • Yoga Asanas You Can Try!
    Exercise is an important part of the routine. You can practice the same before 10 in the morning or after 7 in the evening. Limit practising in the heat and do asanas that strengthen and soothe the abdominal area. For instance,Cow asana (Bitilasana), cobra asana (Bhujangasana), cat (Marjaryasana), boat asana (Naukasana). While doing these asanas, try to bring more focus onto the exhalations and using your energy evenly in the session. We hope the tips will help you stay cool and enjoy your summers adventures to the fullest.


Take Care, Switch to Ayurveda!