MBIG Company 1 day workshop organized at MIET College Bhandara

MBIG Company 1 day workshop organized at MIET College Bhandara

MBIG Company organized a one-day workshop by the Department of Computer Science of Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering and Technology Bhandara.

"Cyber Security: Networking" to equip the participants with practical skills and knowledge on how to protect cyberspace from attack, damage and economic espionage through practical training.

During the workshop, 70 participants attended the workshop, participated in immersive training sessions focused on phishing and hacking of cybersecurity and received the necessary tutorials and challenges to practice and explore this important field.

Mr. Shubham Parkhedkar, an expert in the field of cybersecurity, served as the resource person. He has experience in providing cybersecurity to more than 10 clients and has conducted online sessions on cybersecurity and digital forensics, and lectured on web application security in various organizations and institutions.

Head Of Department. Mr. Rakesh Jambhulkar and convener, Director OF Mr.Shubham Parkhedkar emphasized the need for cyber security experts in view of the pervasiveness of today's digital landscape and highlighted the role of the workshop as a cornerstone in meeting this demand.

He also appreciated the efforts made by Mr.Rakesh Jambhulkar Sir, the organizer of the workshop, for organizing the workshop.

Shri Omkar Sir. Conducted the closing session and extended a warm welcome to the guests.