Canada-US scorching heat, Canada recorded a record temperature of 49.5 degrees, more than 65 people died

Canada US Temperature: People in Canada and America are facing severe heat. So far, dozens of people have died due to the heat.

Canada-US scorching heat, Canada recorded a record temperature of 49.5 degrees, more than 65 people died

In the western part of Canada and the Pacific Northwest of America, people are facing the heat wave. At least 69 people have died in the Vancouver area due to scorching heat, heatwaves and heatwaves. The police have given information about this on Tuesday. On Tuesday, the highest temperature ever recorded was in Lytton Town, British Columbia, Canada. According to the Meteorological Department, a temperature of 49.5 degrees has been recorded in Litton Town.

Environment and Climate Change Canada said in a Twitter post, "Litton Climate Station recorded a temperature of 49.5 °C at 4.20 pm. Once again, for the third consecutive day, the record for the highest temperature has been set. At the same time, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that most of those who died in the Vancouver suburbs of Burnaby and Surrey in the last 24 hours were elderly people who were already suffering from some disease.

Climate change is the cause of record breaking heat

RCMP Corporal Michael Kalanj said in a statement, "The investigation is currently underway." So far it is believed that the cause of most of the deaths is heat. Due to climate change, record-setting temperatures are increasing continuously. Globally, 2019 was recorded as the hottest year of the decade. At the same time, the last five hottest years have been recorded within the last five years. The scorching heat, which spread from Oregon to Canada's Arctic regions, has been attributed to a high-pressure ridge that holds warm air in the region.

Record breaking heat is falling in America too

Temperatures are increasing continuously in the Pacific Northwest cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle in the US. Washington state hasn't had this much heat since the 1940s. Environment Canada has issued an alert for parts of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and parts of the northwest. It said that a prolonged, dangerous and historic heat wave is going to persist throughout this week. The US National Weather Service has also issued a similar warning. It has urged people to stay in air-conditioned buildings and avoid going out.