Chai Garam gets Best Franchisor of the Year Award!

Chai Garam gets Best Franchisor of the Year Award!

Chai Garam wins the Best Franchisor of the Year Award in Café category. Judged by an independent panel of experts & supported by the Indian Small Business & Franchise Association (ISFA) & with Francorp India as process advisors, Franchise Awards 2022 rewarded organizations that have shown outstanding business acumen, passion & achievement of franchise businesses across India.

Chai Garam was established in 2008. With a presence in Asia, predominantly India they are currently serving customers through more than 200 retail outlets and kiosks.  Chai Garam provides freshly brewed made to order handmade chai using garden-fresh ingredients. They have been serving tea and quality snacks since last 15 years and have served over 5 million cups of tea.


Chai Garam offers a wide range of beverages and food items. Serving over 20 types of freshly brewed handmade teas, 30 flavours of Milk shakes, Coolers and Iced Teas. Their tea is freshly brewed without the use of tea bags or vending machines while their food menu offers a vast assortment of snacks ranging from Pastas, Sandwiches and Omelettes to Parathas & Samosas that are better suited to the India Palate. 


According to its Founder, Bhrigu Dutt, “Chai Garam is a platform for entrepreneurship. We seek to partner with enterprising, motivated individuals and provide them with an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and grow with us. We are totally committed to make each outlet a success”. With 14 years of experience they significantly shorten the learning curve giving each partner a head start.


Chai Garam provides its Franchise partners an end to end service. Complete solution from helping them find the real estate, to designing and fabrication of the outlet, installation of equipment, hiring and training of manpower, supply chain management and marketing support is given to the franchisees.


Any motivated individual or group with a passion for work and a strong sense of self can open & run a Chai gram outlet . With an initial investment of INR 7 lacs (going upto 25 lacs) and area between 100 to 1500 square feet, any individual can begun his Entrepreneurial  journey.


The team at Chai Garam has over 14 years experience in business development and executions. They have successfully set up more than 200 cafes, shops, carts and kiosks.


Chai Garam was notably ahead of its time. They started their journey way back in 2008 when there was no organized CHAI brand in India. As the first Chai Brand in the market, they significantly contributed in popularizing the tea cafe industry. 


Chai Garam has seen phenomenal growth over the years. Although the industry suffered on account of the pandemic the grit and perseverance of young Indians has revived the industry and now we are seeing astronomical growth significantly higher than the pre-pandemic period. QSR, pocket concepts are on the rise as is the need for hygienic and quality hangout places.


Global players have played key role in popularizing coffee and attaching a novelty to it for actively getting essentially a tea drinking country addicted to coffee.  The charm of hot cup of tea could not be easily diluted. It is in our DNA and with increased focus on healthy alternatives, unique flavours and concoctions the trend is only looking up ward for Chai!