Health Tips: Your height is related to your health, know about it…

The height of any person helps in enhancing his personality. A good height impresses any person. But do you know that your height is related to your health? Let's know.

Health Tips: Your height is related to your health, know about it…

We all have heard that good health results from good food. Not only this, the effect of food also increases on our height. A good height works to enhance your personality, it is said that a good height is very important to impress any person. But most people would not know that height is related to your health. Let us know about the important things related to your height and health.

1. Reduced risk of cancer in short height - According to research, the risk of cancer is less in people with short height. At the same time, people of tall height have a higher risk of cancer.

2. Tall people are more at risk of diabetes- According to the German Center of Diabetic Research, the risk of diabetes is higher in tall people. According to this study, people of short height are more prone to heart diseases.

3. Tall women can be pregnant for a long time – Research has found that tall women have a longer pregnancy time frame. Whereas women of short height give birth to the child prematurely.

4. Hair fall – It has been claimed in the study that the hair of short height men falls faster than those of tall height. Apart from this, it was claimed in many studies that people of short height live taller, they have less fatal diseases than those of tall height. Research has shown that people with short stature have more protective genes, due to which their size is smaller. But life is long.

5. Research in Edinburgh found that there are some genes that affect your height and IQ. According to the report of The Scotsman, short people have lower IQ levels than tall people.

6. In research it was found that people with tall or tall height than average are more prone to depression. At the same time, people of short height have more genes to relieve depression or stress.