In August, the command of the United Nations Security Council will be in the hands of India, the attack on terrorism will be intensified

In August, the command of the United Nations Security Council will be in the hands of India, the attack on terrorism will be intensified

India will be in command of the UN Security Council for a month from August. India will chair the UN Security Council on August 1 and is all set to carry out maritime security, peacekeeping exercises and strike hard at terrorism during this month. According to information received from the Office of the General Assembly President, India's Ambassador T.S. Tirumurthy has apprised the UN General Assembly chief of the main activities to be undertaken during the chairmanship of India.

In a video message on the eve of India's chairmanship of a powerful 15-nation UN body, Ambassador T S Tirumurthy said, "It is a special honor for us to chair the Security Council in the same month that we are celebrating our 75th Independence Day. India's first working day as chairman of the UN Security Council will be Monday, August 2. Tirumurthy will hold a mixed press conference at the UN headquarters on the council's programs for a month, meaning some people will be present while others can join through video conferences.

According to the unreleased program, Tirumurthy will also provide work statements to UN member countries that are not members of the Council. India's two-year term as a temporary member of the Security Council began on January 1, 2021.  This is India's first chairmanship during the 2021-22 terms as a non-permanent member of the Security Council. India will again chair the Security Council in December next year.

During its chairmanship, India will focus on issues such as maritime security, peacekeeping, and counter-terrorism and will preside over high-level programs on these issues and focus on building concrete strategies. Tirumurthy said India has been emphasizing fighting terrorism both within and outside the Council. We have not only strengthened our efforts to fight terrorism, especially the financing of terrorism, but we have also prevented efforts to undermine the focus on terrorism.

In a video message, Tirumurthy said maritime security is India's top priority and it is important for the Security Council to take a holistic stand on the issue. The theme of peacekeeping is 'close to heart given our own long and pioneering partnership in peacekeeping', he added. He also said that India will focus on ensuring the safety of peacekeepers, especially with the use of better technology, and its focus will also be on handing over the culprits who committed crimes against peacekeepers to the law. He said that as a country at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, India will continue to emphasize efforts to curb terrorism.

Tirumurthy said that during India's last seven months in the Council, we have taken a principled and far-reaching stand on various issues. We are not afraid to shoulder responsibilities. We have been active. We have focused on our priority issues. The Ambassador said that we have made efforts to bridge the gap between different views within the Council to ensure that the Council stays together on many important issues of today and speaks in unison. That is what we will try to do under our Chairmanship.