Iran calls Blackout at Nantz Underground nuclear site a terrorist incident

Iran has termed the Blackout incident at its nuclear facility site a terrorist conspiracy. Iran says that it was a well-planned conspiracy aimed at disrupting Iran's nuclear program.

Iran calls Blackout at Nantz Underground nuclear site a terrorist incident

Nuclear Program Chief Ali Akbar Salehi termed the blackout problem at the underground nuclear facility site in Ntanje, Iran on Sunday. He has given this statement giving information about it on State TV. However, he has not revealed the name of any suspect for this. However, there was no loss of life and property nor any nuclear leakage in this accident. It is believed that this statement by Saleh may increase the tension in West Asia. The problem came a day after the introduction of a more rapid enrichment of uranium, the centerfuse facility.

Iran's nuclear center lies in the middle of a desert and mountainous region. According to the UN Nuclear Watchdog, it is the core of Iran's uranium enrichment program, which operates under the International Atomic Agency and is monitored by officials of this agency. After the blackout on Sunday, its investigation has also been started with immediate effect.

This is not the first time the problem has occurred on Nantej site, but even before this, many such problems have come here. In July 2020, there was a fire at this nuclear site. Even at that time, Iran had described it as a well thought out conspiracy. Iran said that by destroying this center of Iran, some countries want to stop its nuclear program. Earlier in the year 2010, the virus attack in the system here was also described as a conspiracy by Iran. It is believed that the US and Israel were in collusion with it.

Let me tell you that relations between America and Iran have been tense for a long time. In 2015, the then US Barack Obama administration signed a nuclear treaty with Iran, which was described as historic. Apart from these two countries, the permanent members of the UN Security Council and the European Union were also involved in this treaty. In the year 2018, the then President Donald Trump disassociated himself from the treaty after the transfer of power to the US.

He alleged that the treaty has not benefited the United States and has caused a reversal. Apart from the treaty, he imposed various restrictions on Iran. Trump said that he wanted to enter into a treaty with Iran that would be a good deal for the US. In the year 2018, Iran also announced to separate itself from this treaty. Iran had said that it would pursue its nuclear program and enrich uranium beyond the prescribed limit.

During the Presidential election in the US in 2020, the current President Joe Biden made it clear that he was in favor of re-starting and properly implementing the deal. After his coming to power, efforts are being made again for this. There has also been a meeting of member countries about this in the past, in which it was said from the US that if Iran is ready to accept this deal, then it can consider lifting the ban from Iran.