It is not easy to go to America, waiting for one and a half year for visa

If you want to go to the US and apply for a visa now, you may have to wait until 2024. Actually, the average waiting time for visitor visa is 1.5 years.

It is not easy to go to America, waiting for one and a half year for visa

People planning to go to America are getting a big setback.  Actually, they have to wait till 2024 for visitor visa.  The average waiting time is 1.5 years.  This means that if you plan to apply now, you will get an appointment in March-April 2024.  The website states that the average wait for a visa appointment at the US Consulate in New Delhi is 522 days for visitor visas and 471 days for student visas.

According to the news of 'NDTV', if the location is changed to Mumbai, then the average waiting time for US visa appointment is 517 days for visitor visa and 10 days for student visa.  The waiting time for all other non-immigrant visas is 198 days in Delhi and 72 days in Mumbai.  The waiting time for visitor visa in Chennai is 557 days and for all other non-immigrant visas it is 185 days.

The visa page on the website states that the estimated waiting time to receive an interview appointment at a US embassy or consulate may change weekly and is dependent on workload and staffing.  These are estimates only and do not guarantee the availability of an appointment.


Trying to reduce waiting time

On this, the US Embassy says that the US government is taking appropriate steps to reduce the wait time.  The backlog which is there is being actively worked on.  The gap was created because of the pandemic.  The State Department has more than doubled the consular hiring of US officials this fiscal year compared to last year, and new trained personnel are also coming in.  Visa processing has resumed after a near complete shutdown and lack of resources during Kovid 19.  The US government is giving it priority.

Efforts to reduce visa waiting times: Canada High Commission

Meanwhile, amidst the long wait for a large number of Indians for Canadian visas, the Canadian High Commission said it understands their frustration and disappointment.  At the same time, the High Commission assured that it is working to improve the situation.  The Canadian High Commission said in a series of tweets that thousands of Indian students are receiving visas every week and the High Commission will continue to do everything possible to reduce waiting times.