Know where schools will open from September and which country has started vaccination for the age group of 12-15 years

Under the plan to open schools in Kuwait, the work of giving vaccine to 12-15 age group has started. In March itself, it was said by the Health Minister of the country that all teachers and students would be given the vaccine before September.

Know where schools will open from September and which country has started vaccination for the age group of 12-15 years

Kuwait has started giving the vaccine to the age group of 12-15 years to provide protection against the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of starting the vaccination program for this age group is to reopen the schools here in the new session starting from September. According to the news of Xinhua Agency, Butaina Al Gudhaf, Assistant Under Secretary of Public Health Affairs under the Ministry of Health of Kuwait, has issued a statement saying that this vaccine is given to this age group at all vaccination centers built in all six states of the country. Can go An awareness campaign is also being run for this.

In a statement, it has been said by the ministry that a large number of adolescents and adolescent girls have been given vaccine in this vaccination which started from Sunday. In the statement on behalf of the ministry, it has also been said that the registration for vaccination is still open.

On behalf of the government, an appeal has been made to the people to get their children who fall in this age group registered and get the vaccine as soon as possible. The government has also said that people should help the government in this work and help in getting the children of this age group registered. Also, take the dose of the vaccine when your number comes.

In view of the increasing cases of corona in the country, all activities related to children in Kuwait have been stopped for the time being. In this, the summer club, which was to start from July 25, has also been put on hold till further orders.

Let us tell you that on behalf of the government, Health Minister Basel Al-Sabah had announced in March itself that the ban on the opening of schools would be lifted in September. Till then the vaccine will be given to all the students and those teachers in the country.

Significantly, 385762 cases of corona have been reported in Kuwait, while the number of people who died of corona infection in the country so far has been 2221. So far 366250 patients have been cured in Kuwait and there are 16513 active cases.