Level Supermind: India’s Premier Meditation and Mind performance boosting App To Help You Supercharge Your Mind

Level Supermind: India’s Premier Meditation and Mind performance boosting App To Help You Supercharge Your Mind

Today’s world is a fast-paced hamster wheel that can burn you out quickly and deeply. The pressure to be productive hustlers, keep up with the cultural trends and hold perfectly moral opinions on everything can throw anyone’s mind off-balance. That, amidst a multitude of distractions from social media is something the younger generation is constantly battling with.

To be able to excel in studies or at work, one needs unparalleled focus and a strong grasping ability. This can be effectively achieved with Level - a mobile-based App designed to enhance one’s mental performance by increasing memory, focus, creativity and clarity. 

Curated with guided meditations, mind-muscle workouts, sleep stories and a safe space for journaling, Level acts like a perfect destination for improving mental performance. 

By using this app, you can instantly recharge and reboot your mind with a quick meditation session - any time, anywhere. You can reach your fitness goals with expert-designed home workouts (mind-muscle connection), improve your concentration by listening to calming music, tap into your empathetic side and learn to deal with emotions in a healthy and fun way. 


Backed by quantified research and with brain wave mapping tools, Level promises to enable the user with a higher brain performance, sharper memory, increased focus, and enhanced creativity among other benefits that makes it ideal for youngsters and their stressful lives - especially for students who are preparing for competitive exams and other ambitious young adults.

Level Supermind is made in India and aims to help our youth reach their highest potential by providing meditations and other content regional languages with the future updates. As a part of their social outreach programme, Level has been conducting workshops amongst the BMC schools and interacting with the students to introduce them to mindful activities, meditation, and its benefits. These workshops have brought in encouraging feedback from the little tots, who promise to start inculcating meditation into their lives. 

Level Supermind's co-founder Ranveer Allahbadia shares, “While developing Level, we consulted many neuroscientists and spiritual gurus to strike a perfect balance between our traditional philosophies and the modern sciences. We wanted to build something that could accommodate everyone - from kids to their grandparents. Everyone can find something on Level that they like and resonate with.” 

Founders Ranveer Allahbadia, Harshil Karia and Aayush Anand developed Level as a mental performance enhancing platform that could cater to a global demographic and be unapologetically Indian at the same time. Through its ideologically balanced and well-thought out features, Level benefits its users in all aspects of life. With regular use and commitment, users will find themselves having a supercharged mind with higher cognition.