Nayamat Handa is a rising face in the Indian entertainment industry

Nayamat Handa is a rising face in the Indian entertainment industry

If you are keeping up with the current times we are in, it becomes apparent that women are finally taking centre stage and rightfully so. A lot of career options that used to be only for men have now begun opening its doors for the "better half". Other occupations which used to be not considered serious professions have also started to gain fame among those who wish to pursue it. Take for example modelling, blogging and acting. Many considered it to be a job that only makes use of a woman's beauty and none of her brains. However this is where we introduce Nayamat Handa, a 25 year old who stands tall as the perfect example of this changing perception. 

Nayamat Handa was born on the 14th of April in the year 1997. Her birthplace was New Delhi, the capital city of India. One would expect a child growing up in such an advanced metropolitan city to be quite expensive in her tastes, but Nayamat Handa had always been brought up in a humble nature. This didn't change even when Nayamat Handa spent time growing up in Solan, Himachal Pradesh and also in London. For her good nature, we can thank her family members, her mother Chetna Handa, her father late Lokesh Handa, as well as her maternal grandmother Pushpa Gera and her paternal aunt Henna Gera. 

Also known in the industry by her nickname Nicky, Nayamat Handa always makes sure to wear a smile on her face, making it one of her most valued assets. This is not to discredit her fashion sense, as she can always be seen wearing stylish clothes which suit her body type, her favourite colours being black, beige and cranberry. Yet, at the end of the day, Nayamat Handa should also be appreciated for her graceful body line, with measurements of 32-24-34. A perfect hourglass figure, Nayamat Handa works hard to maintain it but also balances her active lifestyle with days of rest and good food from cuisines such as Japanese, Korean and Cantonese.

At present, those interested in Nayamat Handa can find her previous work on a variety of songs and web series. Some of the hit songs where she has starred are O Sathiya by Deep Ohsaan (Bollywood), Tommy Diya Jeena by Shok E(Punjabi), Yaad by Vikas Kumar (Haryanvi), Yaari by Manna Phagwara (Punjabi), One side love by Shok E (Punjabi), Bahane by Kamal Gill (Punjabi), Keshari Lal Yadav's Kamariya Coca-Cola Song (Bhojpuri). She has also played a main role in the Telugu web series-Erra Gulabhila Govindu. 

If you want to know more about Nayamat Handa and keep track of her future achievements, make sure to follow her social media profiles today! 


Outfit- Glitz & Glamour by Shivani & Anchal, Rajouri Garden

Hair & Makeup- Affinity express, Rohini

Photographer- Abhishek (Instagram handle-@officialclickers29)