Neeraj Chopra hoists the tricolor in Tokyo, who will blast the Birmingham CWG 2022 today?

Neeraj Chopra made history a year ago on 7th August. He had done that wonder, which the whole country was waiting for for 121 years.

Neeraj Chopra hoists the tricolor in Tokyo, who will blast the Birmingham CWG 2022 today?

Do you remember today is 7th August.  The year has changed.  From 2021 to 2022, but the date is August 7.  Neeraj Chopra hoisted the tricolor in Tokyo.  Gold was targeted in Javelin.  Neeraj had put India's first Olympic gold medal in athletics.  This was the same medal that the whole country was waiting for for 121 years.  National Javelin Day was also declared on 7 August in honor of Neeraj.  Neeraj had done wonders in Tokyo last year, but today i.e. on 7th August 2022, the whole country is desperate to see who does such a blast in Birmingham.  In fact, the Commonwealth Games are being played in Birmingham and the Javelin events are starting from today itself.  Neeraj Chopra was the strongest contender for the title, but just before the start of the games, he was ruled out due to injury.

Neeraj created history by throwing 87.58 meters

Last year, Neeraj Chopra created history by throwing 87.58m javelin.  This is India's first medal in track and field at the Olympic Games.  When Neeraj returned home after creating history in Tokyo, the Athletics Federation of India decided to celebrate August 7 as National Javelin Day.  Last month, Neeraj won the silver medal in the World Championship.  Meanwhile, he got injured during the fourth throw.  Because of which he was forced to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Now look at DP Manu and Rohit

After withdrawing from the Commonwealth Games due to Neeraj's injury, now the eyes of the whole country are on DP Manu and Rohit Yadav.  Neeraj-like blast is expected from both of them.  Rohit had also recently reached the final of the World Championship.  Both the Indian players will present the challenge late tonight.  Neeraj was ruled out of the Commonwealth Games due to an injury in the World Championship, but he also missed the opportunity to become the flag bearer in the opening ceremony.  His eye was to defend his title in the Commonwealth.  Due to groin injury, he will have to be out of the field for almost a month.