Now WhatsApp will be able to run on smartwatch, Google introduced WearOS, know what is special

If you are an Android smartwatch user, you will now be able to use WhatsApp on it as Google WearOS is now available for smartwatches. This means that users can reply to calls, messages, etc. from WhatsApp on the smartwatch. That is, even when not connected to the phone, you will be able to easily run WhatsApp in the watch.

Now WhatsApp will be able to run on smartwatch, Google introduced WearOS, know what is special
The world's most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp just got easier to use with wearables. Meta has launched a new version of the popular messaging platform WhatsApp for WearOS. The advantage of this will be that now Android smartwatch users can download and setup WhatsApp for smartwatch separately.
Even when not connected to the phone, you will be able to easily run WhatsApp in the watch. Users can download WhatsApp on the smartwatch with the help of the Play Store. Explain that this app is compatible with WearOS 3, Google's latest operating system for wearables. However, Apple WatchOS does not currently support standalone WhatsApp. With the arrival of WhatsApp on WearOS, the user will get many benefits.

Voice message recording

Users can now record voice messages using WhatsApp on the WearOS smartwatch. Also, you can listen to it while sharing it.

No need to be connected

If your watch has cellular connectivity, the WhatsApp app will be able to function without the smartphone being connected to the Internet. This means that the watch version of the WhatsApp app will be able to receive and send messages even when the phone is turned off.

Quick reply

Typing on a smartwatch is generally not as smooth as on a smartphone. But to make things easier, there are some pre-reply answers in WhatsApp, such as OK, Fine, Thanks, etc. These can be used to give quick replies.

Text message

With WearOS smartwatches, users can now send and receive text messages with the help of WhatsApp.

Chat mute

It also has the feature of muting chats to manage notifications. WhatsApp WearOS version allows you to mute a specific chat or group chat from profile details.

Emoji reaction

The recently launched Emoji Reaction app is also available on the WearOS version of WhatsApp. Although the selection of emoji is the same as in the mobile version, there is no way to customize it on the watch. But changing the default emoji reaction on the phone will change it on the watch as well.

Testing was going on for a long time

The demand for the WearOS version of WhatsApp was going on for a long time. The company had announced this in the Google I / O conference in the month of May. Since then, the development of the new app was going on with beta testers and their feedback was being taken. With WhatsApp's multi-device support feature, users can chat on both the phone and the watch simultaneously without the need for them to be connected.

Apple user will have to wait

Apple users will have to wait a bit for this feature. Apple Watch users may not have a dedicated WhatsApp feature yet, but they can still see notifications for incoming WhatsApp messages on their iPhones. However, they have not yet been given options like WhatsApp calling or starting new conversations. It is possible that Meta will also launch dedicated WhatsApp for Apple's WatchOS in the coming days.

Over two billion users

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messaging app in the world. It has more than two billion users worldwide. In recent times, many new features have been included in WhatsApp. Also, the company is also working on username, video call limit, channels, emoji and keyboard redesign.