Realtor Lailan Bento and her Connection with the Hawaiian Community

Realtor Lailan Bento and her Connection with the Hawaiian Community

For local realtor Lailan Bento, her community is everything. 

An island girl, born and raised in Hawaii, Lailan has spent her life giving back to the place she holds dear to her heart- her home.  

When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, she quickly will tell you it’s the opportunity to support and give back to the community that she grew up in and around. 

Lailan Bento is a renowned real estate broker and marketer and was named the Rookie of the Year award winner. She is an experienced real estate professional and the principal broker at ‘Hawaiߵi Development Group’, a leading Hawaii real estate company.

But before all of that, Lailan began her career working in the Hawaii governor’s office, gaining unparalleled experience in community service. She also worked hard to establish her presence as a dedicated, honest, and committed woman in the business world and attempted to show her burning desire for success throughout those years. After years of service in the governor’s office, she left to co-found Hawaiߵi Development Group.

While real estate is a controversial issue, Lailan shows an incredible love for her Hawaiian culture and origins. A Hawaiian girl, she maintains and lives through the Hawaiin culture and values she was taught growing up.  She brings those values into Hawaiߵi Development Group, and focuses on using the principles of honesty, integrity, excellence, and dedication. She says those principles are applied to every transaction, whether big or small, with the highest possible care.

When she isn’t working, Lailan is leaving a mark in the community through her selfless acts of charity. She has dedicated herself to putting her skills and financial gains toward helping the less-privileged through random acts of aloha. 

“Giving back to my community is important to me, and I consider this a responsibility of mine,” she said. 

One way she is able to do that is through her leadership, and her company has built a reputation for offering affordable and sustainable homes.

Today, Lailan is one of the top Female investors in the Hawaii real estate industry, helping others find their success. She has started three new companies in 2022 through which she aims to build sustainable developments while using her skills and financial gains to help her community.  But her most recent achievement is her non-profit group that seeks to raise funds to send local kids to private schools and colleges. She aims to help them acquire the best education available and make their dreams a reality.

Lailan’s achievements in real estate and her community contributions have earned her several awards in her industry. Now she wants to motivate others to walk her path.

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