World Heart Day 2022: These exercises are very effective in keeping the heart healthy

World Heart Day 2022 To keep the heart healthy for a long time, it is also very important to exercise along with food. So what kind of exercises can help you in this, know about it here.

World Heart Day 2022: These exercises are very effective in keeping the heart healthy
Jumping Jacks, image source: Shutterstock

Nowadays, only healthy and fit people are getting heart attack. If I go through the case studies of all these, it is found that all were fitness freaks and also very conscious about their diet. Heart is the main organ of our body. If there is any kind of problem here, then it affects the whole body. That is why it is important to understand that how much seriousness should be taken about the heart in physical fitness? Exercise is very important to keep the heart healthy, so what kind of exercises can prove to be effective in this, today we will know about this. 

1. Cardio

Cardio exercise is considered the best to keep the heart healthy. This includes jogging, walking on a treadmill, cycling. With this you can keep your heart healthy. To take advantage of this, you must do cardio for a while every day. This increases the heart rate and strengthens the muscles around it. This keeps your whole body healthy and fit. 

2. Jumping Jacks

This exercise is considered very good for the heart. It is considered the most simple exercise. For this no machine is needed and neither do you need to go to the gym. You can do this anywhere. To do this, stand up straight and then jump up. After that raise the hands up, then spread the legs. After coming down, come to the normal position. Jumping jacks are an aerobic cardio exercise, which makes your heart work faster and your weight also decreases rapidly. 

3. Weight Training and Stretching

This develops the muscles of the body and keeps the heart healthy. Weight training includes exercises such as pushups, squats and pullups. These exercises keep your heart healthy, as well as strengthen the bones of the body and build muscles. To do this, first do stretching, which brings flexibility. After that do weight lifting exercises.

4. Hurdle Jump

As the name of the hurdle jump suggests, you have to jump while passing a hurdle. While doing this, you can use a dumbbell, box or stepper, which will have to be jumped and crossed. Hurdle jumps will increase your heartbeat and burn a lot of calories. This type of exercise should be done to stay healthy.

5. Walk

Go for a walk to keep the heart healthy. Go fast in it, which strengthens your heart. Walking will not affect the joints of the feet much and blood circulation is also maintained, which keeps your heart healthy.