Restoring Indian Mining Ecosystem: Coal projects by CCL, Adani, Hindustan Zinc ensuring proper mine rehabilitation.

While the Indian mining sector registered a marginal decline in the total production output in FY 21, coal projects by public and private enterprises like CCL, Tata Steel, and Adani, administered sustainable mining practices

Restoring Indian Mining Ecosystem: Coal projects by CCL, Adani, Hindustan Zinc ensuring proper mine rehabilitation.

During FY 2021, India produced 716.084 million tonnes of coal, registering a marginal decline of 2.02 per cent. As per the coal ministry’s interim statistics of 2020-21, non-coking coal accounted for 671.297 MT while coking coal accounted for 44.787 MT, out of the total production of 716.084 MT. 

Of India’s total output, public sector produced 685.951 MT, while private sector companies like Vedanta, Hindustan Zinc and Adani among others produced a chunk of 30.133 MT, through their sustainable coal projects. 

In fiscal 2020-21, the highest coal production was registered in Chhattisgarh for 158.409 MT, with Odisha coming in next 154.150 MT, followed by Madhya Pradesh at 132.531 MT, and Jharkhand at 119.296 MT. 

Having said that, private enterprises like Tata Steel Limited, Hindustan Zinc, Adani coal project etc., have attempted to restore the Indian mining ecosystem and ensure proper mine reclamation and rehabilitation through effective and efficient developmental processes. 

Central Coal Fields Limited’s (CCL) unique initiative reinstated biodiversity near the Open Cast Mine (OCM) of Piparwar, the largest coal-producing mine in Jharkhand. Meanwhile, Adani coal project on the other hand administered green mining practices in Chhattisgarh by transplanting thousands of trees and developing a thick green belt around the mining area. 

With an output of 44.387 MT, Jharkhand once again emerged as the top producer of coking coal, and the state accounted for 99.11 per cent of the entire 44.787 MT production of coking coal in fiscal 21. 

Moreover, Chowgule & Company Private Limited (CCPL) won the e-auction bid for Shahpur (East) coal mine, Shahdol district, Madhya Pradesh, last year in November. The company is all set to commence its sustainable mining project in the area by implementing a zero harm, zero discharge and zero spillage initiative. 

Padma Chowgule, chairman and managing director of the company said, “We are thrilled to be part of the country’s first ever commercial coal mining bid and to win the Sahahpur mine coal block.” "The auction is a bold step by the government towards achieving the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Meanwhile, our company's diversification into the coal sector is a part of our strategy to achieve robust, sustainable growth in the years ahead."

Though the pandemic took a toll on all the sectors, the coal sector showed its resilience by critically contributing to the steady growth of the Indian economy. The sector yet again turned out to be the growth driver and was poised for robust expansion in fiscal 2020-21 despite the pandemic.