Russia Ukraine conflict: After America and Britain, now Japan also imposed sanctions on Russia, know the latest updates

Russia Ukraine Latest News After recognizing two regions of Ukraine, Russia seems to be stuck. Many countries have imposed sanctions on Russia. America, Japan, Britain and Germany have imposed many sanctions on Russia.

Russia Ukraine conflict: After America and Britain, now Japan also imposed sanctions on Russia, know the latest updates

Things are getting worse after Russia recognized two areas controlled by Ukrainian separatists. Many western countries are imposing sanctions on Russia. After America, Britain, now Japan has also imposed sanctions on America. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Wednesday that our government will ban the issuance and distribution of Russian government bonds in Japan.

Kishida also said that Japan would suspend the issuance of visas to people belonging to the two Ukrainian rebel regions. In addition, their assets in Japan would be frozen and trade restrictions with both regions would be imposed.

America also imposed sanctions

Earlier on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden has also announced sanctions on Russia. Biden said in his address that so far Russia will not be able to get further economic aid from Western countries. Biden said that we are implementing sanctions on two of Russia's biggest financial institutions, VEB and Military Bank. Russia's sovereign debt is imposing sanctions. Apart from this, Biden has also announced sanctions on top Russian diplomats and their family members.

Britain has also announced sanctions against five Russian banks and three billionaires. The British Prime Minister said that the assets of Russian billionaires are being frozen in Britain. Along with this, he will also be stopped from coming to Britain. Apart from this, Germany has stopped the process of starting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia. Let us tell you that gas was going to reach Germany from Russia through this pipeline.

America will give more weapons

The US President also said that the US will continue to supply arms to Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian President Dmitro Kuleba said that the US has promised more weapons. He appreciated the sanctions imposed by the US on Russia. Kuleba said the US had promised more weapons aid.

Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia wants Ukraine to give up its intention to join NATO. If Ukraine does this, a solution may still be found. He had earlier said that if Ukraine joined NATO, it would be a direct threat to Russia's security. Russia's move has thrown the summit between Putin and the US President into a tizzy. This dialogue was proposed to avoid confrontation.