Scribbling Inner Voice welcomes Mr. Harshit Tulsiyan to their Podcast

Scribbling Inner Voice welcomes Mr. Harshit Tulsiyan to their Podcast

"The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda"

Mr. Harshit Tulsiyan is a very passionate and successful writer who recently became a Scribbling Inner Voice Podcaster.

Harshit Tulsiyan, a handsome writer hailing from the Asansol city of West Bengal, is currently pursuing his BBA at St. Xavier's College Kolkata. in which he is currently a first year student. Harshit is a broad minded person and he loves to travel so he likes to visit new places whenever he gets time. He loves his parents very much due to which he is more concerned for them and wants to do a lot for them in future so that he can make their name proud. He has always come across as a best friend to his loved ones. Harshit is a very pure hearted person who can never tolerate lies and never shy away from truth. 

He Start writing from class 11 distance, will type dialogue over time. It's also true that it's multiplied by your success. Harshit does not consider himself to be a great writer, who can give any lesson to this world from his article, the purpose of his writing is just his peace of mind. He loves to put his feelings on paper, because of which he feels very good because what he cannot say to anyone, he takes it down on his pages without any fear. The character to be transformed into writing and prepared for his future will be miraculously crafted. Harshit fits the ideals of his ideal life.

He has been felicitated with many awards and magazine features. Since the start of his journey, his work has been appreciated by many people 

His poetry is now available worldwide on over 60+ applications featured by Scribbling Inner Voice Firm. His daily agenda has been to achieve something and today he has achieved a lot 

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