Social Media Impact: Addiction to social media can make you a victim of depression, anxiety, know how to avoid it

Social media addiction affects not only your physical but also your mental health very badly. Due to this addiction, people are increasingly falling prey to depression and anxiety. So how to avoid this, today we will know about this.

Social Media Impact: Addiction to social media can make you a victim of depression, anxiety, know how to avoid it
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We are all well aware of how social media has become an essential part of our lives. Just like everything has its good and bad aspects, so are the social media. While on the one hand it is a means of entertainment and learning new things, on the other hand it is the most powerful weapon. Weapons because you can remove the history of any person from social media.

It is also having a negative effect on the mind of the people. About which experts have been warning for a long time. A recent research has revealed that people who use social media too much are becoming mentally ill. According to the study, excessive use of social media can cause sleep deprivation or disturbance. Due to this continuously, there is every possibility of having problems like depression, loss of memory, loss of mental ability. Apart from this, experts also warned against problems like stomach problems, headache, eye pain, nausea, muscle tension. 

Seeing the colorful life of people on social media, many people start feeling inferior about how good life is of other people, how happy they are and one is not taking the name of ending the tension from my life. This feeling gradually makes them a victim of depression. A person suffering from depression tends to remain isolated from people, does not feel good about anything, gets addicted to drugs and sometimes even suicidal thoughts may come. Due to social media, people have started being insecure about their body too. But we forget that social media is a virtual world, it only shows what we want to show to the people. Reel and real life are very different. 

So if you have started feeling that social media is affecting your health and mind somewhere, then it is very important to pay attention to it and find a solution. Some tips are given here that can be of great use to you. 

1. First of all take a break from social media for a few days.

2. Spend time with loved ones, talk to them. Meet friends.

3. If it is not possible to take a break, then set a time to use it.

4. Turn off app notifications as these are also a big distraction which does not allow this addiction to end.

5. Immediately remove the person with negative thoughts from your social media account and life.

So if social media is used properly, then no doubt, you can improve your knowledge and life, but wrong use can only increase the trouble. So you have to take your decision carefully.