Sonia Gandhi is worried about making Rahul Gandhi the PM: Amit Shah

Sonia Gandhi is worried about making Rahul Gandhi the PM: Amit Shah

Chennai: As soon as the dates of Tamil Nadu assembly elections were announced, the BJP (Tamil Nadu Assembly elections 2021) has started making noise on the election campaign. On Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah held an election rally in Jankipuram area in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. Addressing the public meeting, Amit Shah attacked the Congress and DMK fiercely.

Before commencing his address, Amit Shah apologized to the Tamilians for not speaking the Tamil language and said that first of all I want to apologize in front of all of you with great grief that I am unable to speak one of the oldest languages ​​in India, one of the sweetest languages. ​​I cannot speak to you in Tamil language. I want to apologize to you for this.

Shah said, on one hand there is an alliance of BJP and AIADMK in the coming elections which will run on the principles of BJP, Ramachandran ji and Jayalalitha ji. On the other hand there is a coalition of DMK and Congress. In 2014, the people of the country took a big decision. After a long time, a government of absolute majority was formed and made Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of the country.

Amit Shah said, when Narendra Modi entered the Lok Sabha for the first time, he entered the Lok Sabha by bowing to the soil. Modi ji said in the Lok Sabha that the BJP government will be a government of the poor, backward, Dalits, tribals.
Today when we look back, in 6.5 years we are standing on the verge of giving house to almost every person of the country. In 2022, there will not be a single person in the country who will not have a permanent house to live.
He said, when there will be 75 years of independence in 2022, then the BJP government will complete the task of providing pure water from the tap to the homes of every poor in the country. The BJP government has done the work of approving post-matriculation scholarship of Rs 59,000 crore for scheduled caste students.
The work that the Congress could not do for 70 years, the BJP government has completed in six years.

Amit Shah said, Rahul Baba went to see Jallikattu. His 2016 manifesto says that Jallikattu should be stopped. To save it, if someone took out the notification, then the Narendra Modi government of BJP removed it.
The Narendra Modi government has contributed immensely to the development of Tamil Nadu. Today, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman has done the task of bringing the best budget by becoming the Finance Minister of the country.
Earlier, when you used to go to the railway station, the announcements were heard in English, now all announcements are heard in Tamil language at railway stations all over Tamil Nadu, this is done by Narendra Modi