Story Of Passionate Writer - Utkarsh Khare

Story Of Passionate Writer - Utkarsh Khare
Story Of Passionate Writer - Utkarsh Khare
Utkarsh Khare is a Urdu Poet, Author & Blogger. His pen name is ’Musafir’. He has written various beautiful Urdu poetries. Some of his famous poetries are also Published in the major online platforms “Rekhta”. He is a graduate in Information Technology. He has developed his website & Android App With vide URL He is a banker(Manager) by profession.
His first published book is ‘IK POSHIDA DARIYA NAZM’O KA’. Which is very famous in Urdu Poetries readers community. This Year 2021 his book got “Author Pages Best Poetry Book Award”. He loves to Edit videos. 
He is very enthusiastic and jolly by nature. He likes travelling and he loves nature. And after reading his poetries you will also feel that he is a keen lover of nature.
His Achievements
•Published author of Book
(Ik Poshida Dariya Nazmo’n Ka)
•Listed Poet in Rekhta(Search by Pen name ‘Utkarsh Musafir’)
•Developer of his own website(URL
• Awarded with Poet Author Pages Best Poetry Book of the year 2021
He says
“राहें जब पहुँचने को होती हैं मक़ाम तक,
मंज़िल की रोशनी राह तक आने लगती है।”
Lets know him more by asking few questions 
When did you realize first that you could be a writer?   
Utkarsh Khare - During 2017 to 2018, I realized that there is a poet within me. When I was going through some difficult situations in my life.
How do you see writing? A hobby or a passion or an art?
Utkarsh Khare - Actually writing is an art. And I will always be thankful to God that he considered me worthy of this art. But for me now writing has become a passion. Which now goes on forever.
What was life before you started writing and how it has changed now after published your book?
Utkarsh Khare - Being a writer is a very special thing in itself.  But when you become a published author.  So you start being counted in the category of some intellectual people of the society.
What inspires you to write?
Utkarsh Khare - Everything inspires me to writes, whether it is a simple human being or this whole nature. But if someone asks me who has inspired me the most so far, it is my little lovely daughters.
How do you think your dream book will change the reader's perspective after reading this book?
Utkarsh Khare - This book is a compilation of these 100 selected poems. Every poem in it is different from each other. In these poems, somewhere you will get the syrup of love, somewhere you will get spiritual peace and somewhere you will find that painful feelings. This book is also for those who do not know Urdu language because it also contains meanings of difficult words on footnotes, which will make it easier for you to read.
Any last thoughts for our reader?
Utkarsh Khare - Keep reading  The more you read, the more good ideas will come in your writing.
Author Name : Utkarsh Khare
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