Taiwan fired the air of China's jackass, drove the Dragon's fighter jet into the air defense zone

China is constantly showing eyes to Taiwan. So far this month, he has violated Taiwan's airspace four times. On Wednesday too, he sent his fighter planes to the Air Defense Zone of Taiwan.

Taiwan fired the air of China's jackass, drove the Dragon's fighter jet into the air defense zone

China's Pfizer jet has once again violated international rules by entering Taiwan's airspace. These fighter aircraft of China entered Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Wednesday morning. This is the fourth incident of this month by a Chinese fighter jet in Taiwan. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense reported that the People's Liberation Army Air Force's Shangjie Y-8 electronic warfare plane had entered Taiwan's ADIZ from the southwest.

In response, Taiwan gave a radio warning about this and sent its planes to expel the Chinese fighters. Chinese fighter jets were tracked by Taiwan's air defense missile system. Earlier, Chinese planes had done such an act on 2, 3 and 4 July also. According to Taiwan, these planes flew at a very low speed.

It is worth noting that in mid-September last year, under its gray zone policy, Taiwan's ADIJet has started the exercise of sending aircraft continuously. This zone is in the south-west of Taiwan. Mostly one to three slow-flying turboprop aircraft have been used for this. Taiwan has reacted strongly to this audacity of China.

Taiwan says that this exercise of China is unnecessary, which it needs to reconsider. Let us tell you that China has been claiming Taiwan as its part and asserting its authority over it. Apart from the mainland of China, about 25 million people live in Taiwan. For the past seven decades, Taiwan has been working as an independent nation. It considers itself an independent nation, mistaking China's authority.

Taiwan has done the work of throwing out fighter planes sent here by China many times. Many times there has also been a sharp rhetoric between the two regarding the right here. Due to the strong ties of Taiwan with America, China also feels a lot of danger. This is the reason why he is becoming more and more aggressive on Taiwan.

On the other hand, China has raised questions many times about the relationship between America and Taiwan. China has said many times that to declare Taiwan an independent state only means to start a war. China has also warned the US several times regarding relations with Taiwan. In a statement issued by China's Defense Ministry last month, it was said that it would not accept the defense relationship between the US and Taiwan.