The inspirational journey of Indian entrepreneur Shri Ramesh Gowani

The inspirational journey of Indian entrepreneur Shri Ramesh Gowani

What does it mean to be born to a family of industrialists and businessmen? One can either take their privilege too seriously and reap the benefits of the silver spoon while doing nothing, or be determined to work hard and take the legacy forward. Mr. Ramesh Gowani of Kamala Group falls into the second category. Born to a family of elite industrialists, Mr. Gowani never took his privilege for granted, but worked hard to create his imprint in the world of business.

Commonly revered as the real estate tycoon of India, Mr. Ramesh Gowani was born in the small town of Bhinmal in Rajasthan. His father, Mr. Ghamandiram Gowani, was an industrialist and always motivated his children to inculcate business skills. This approach within the family didn’t let birth and upbringing in a small town come in the way of Mr. Ramesh Gowani’s success. He inherited and imbibed his father’s shrewd business acumen and became an accelerator for the growth of the Kamala group to the top.

Mr. Ghamandiram Gowani’s untimely death came as a shock to the Gowani family and could have broken the strongest of people. However, Mr. Ramesh grabbed the reins and worked hard to come out of grief and turmoil. He learned the nuances of business and evolved as the driving force of Kamala Group. He often credits his success to his mother Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani’s love and guidance and the incessant support from his siblings Tejraj, Kanti, and Prakashben. Apart from his mother and siblings, he is also grateful for the strength he derives from his wife, Ms. Nidarshana Gowani, who also handles major business operations.

She is the director of property management and trustee at Kamala Trust and the mother to his beautiful children, who are also growing up with business knowledge at the crux of everyday conversations.

He ventured into the world of real estate with his first project in 1978, which was his first building, La Papilo Mumbai. The list of his esteemed customers includes Bollywood celebrities, leading businesspersons, and other public figures. The Kamala Mills area, which is a highly frequented and coveted IT and corporate park in Lower Parel, Mumbai is now home to offices of large organizations like KPMG, IIFL, PWC, NSL, Reliance and many more.

The journey of Kamala Mills started in the year 1992 when Mr. Gowani ventured into cotton cloth manufacturing. He later added looms and launched his fashion brand Gabbana, which kickstarted the international fashion brand revolution in the country. As international brands started setting foot in the Indian markets, Gabbana also ventured into international markets with its custom clothing. As the readymade garment industry gained pace, Gabbana collaborated with and styled big names like the Tatas, Birlas, and Bachchans. Former Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh was also styled by Gabbana.

In 1995, he launched CR travels to strengthen business connections with tourism boards globally.

Fashion, real estate, and travel are just some industries where Mr. Gowani left his mark. He has also been active in social service and public welfare. His commendable journey is an inspiration for all those who wish to create a mark as entrepreneurs.

We wish him luck in his future endeavours.