Top 5 finger-licking Vegetarian Recipes which will be ready just in 30 minutes

Everyone loves food but don't have time to cook? So today we have brought such quick-to-make recipes for you.

Top 5 finger-licking Vegetarian Recipes which will be ready just in 30 minutes

Top 5 finger-licking Vegetarian Recipes in 30 minutes: in a busy life, there is no time to calmly cook your favorite food! But now don't worry, we have brought for you 14 such quick-to-make recipes, which can be made in just 30 minutes without much effort. This sounds great and it is true too. Try to believe it! 

The simple taste of home-cooked food also has a different taste. It is not only healthy, you can also choose your favorite ingredients and increase or decrease the taste as per your choice. On the other hand, when it comes to vegetables, there are many delicious ways in which you can cook them. You should consume more and more seasonal things for all the essential nutrients. 

It is great to do experiments in the kitchen, but not when you are feeling hungry and time is short. But it doesn't happen the rest of the day! With these quick-to-make vegetarian recipes, your problem will be reduced to a great extent. All you need is fresh ingredients and just 30 minutes of time to make all these recipes. With these easy vegetarian recipes, you won't have to skip meals even in the midst of your busy schedule. You can make these green vegetables in a few minutes without any hassle and you will also save time.

Add things of your choice to a salad and enjoy it. Such sandwiches are definitely a life saver and can be eaten anytime. So now you rest assured, here you will find everything you need.

Here are top 5 delicious vegetarian recipes that you can make in under 30 minutes:

1. Whole Wheat Pasta with Mushroom Sauce

This Whole Wheat Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce is made in just 25 minutes. Apart from being a delicious dish, this pasta is also guilt-free.

2. Potato Tomato Curry

This is a very simple and satisfying Indian vegetarian curry. Two simple ingredients that you will always find comfortably in your kitchen and with some mild spices you can make it in few minutes.

3. Tamarind Rice 

Rice is a very good option, if you are really hungry and you want to eat something quick then you can prepare Tasty Tamarind Rice by adding tamarind, groundnut and chana dal.

4. Cumin Vegetable

Green vegetables are always good! Spinach, carrots and potatoes along with cumin and spicy masala flavored with this wonderful vegetable is prepared. You can eat this delicious vegetable with hot roti or rice.

5. Southern Style Okra

With this recipe, you will change the way you look at bhindi. This southern flavored bhindi made with mustard seeds, tamarind, jaggery and coconut will delight you. You can eat it with roti or rice for a great experience.